Sberbank in Kazakhstan To Issue World’s First Credit Card Made Of Gold, Diamonds & Pearls

Russia’s Sberbank in Kazakhstan has recently announced that they plan to issue a very exclusive credit card, one that only the very wealthiest members of society are able to afford!
The ‘Visa Infinite Exclusive’ card will be one of the most extravagant cards around and the materials used to create it prove this. This elegant card is the world’s first to be made entirely out of gold, diamonds and pearls.

Errrm, is this the same Kazakhstan that Borat hails from?

It has been reported that if you want to get your mitts on the ‘Visa Infinite Exclusive’ you will have to be willing to fork out a hefty $100,000 – $65,000 of which will be used to mint the card and the rest will be put on your balance.
It has also been rumored that people who purchase the limited edition card will be given a free iPhone 5 and a Montblanc card case. They can also expect top tier benefits like health and life insurance worth more than $250,000, lounge access at airports, concierge services and discounts at hotels and restaurants. I’m not quite sure why you’d be bothered about hotel or restaurant discounts if you’ve got $100,000 to fork out on a credit card encrusted with diamonds but anyways! Continue Reading

Leaving Nothing To Chance – Student Caught With 35-Foot Long Cheat Sheet!!!

Most of us, at some point in our lives have cheated in some sort of test at school. Whether it is was taking a peek over your shoulder to see a much more intelligent friend’s work, or the next level up – sneaking in an answer sheet of some description, tucked into your shirt sleeve or down the side of your sock! But this story is about a student who took it to a whole new level!!

When sitting a university entrance exam, one Kazakhstani student was caught sporting a 35-foot long answer sheet with 25,000 answers on it – he really didn’t want to leave anything to chance did he?!!! Yes 35 feet…WTF – how did he ever think he was going to keep that concealed? Or get to the right place in it when he came across a question he wanted to find the answer to!! Hmmm, probably not the brightest idea he ever had! Also, just thinking that if he’d actually spent the time that it took to make the epically long answer sheet, maybe revising a little bit – then he might have had more luck!

According to the Austrian Times, this extensive cheat-sheet included answers that covered mathematics, history, Russian and Kazhak and somewhat randomly ‘another subject of the student’s choice’ – I really wonder what the hell that was? Definitely not, ‘how to cheat in an exam without getting caught’ in any case! Our ambitious cheater got found out because invigilators noticed that he was rustling around and fidgeting with his clothing a great deal…Better luck next time mate!

Borat’s Kazakhstan Parody Anthem Played At a Medal Ceremony In Kuwait

The Kazakhstan shooting team was rather taken by surprise when a Borat’s spoof version of their national anthem was played instead of the real one at a medal ceremony in Kuwait, which Kazakh’s Maria Dmitrienko won gold.

Apparently, organisers also got the Serbian national anthem wrong on the same day.

The Kazakhstan shooting team demanded an apology from organisers of the 10th Arab Shooting Competition and the medal ceremony was later rerun.

Anvar Yunusmetov, the team coach revealed to the media in Kazakhstan that organisers had downloaded the parody from the internet by mistake.

A couple of weeks back a similar mix-up involved Ricky Martin’s ‘Livin’ la Vida Loca’, which I thought was even more hilarious because it happened in their own backyard.