The Doctor Who Family Cosplay

Check out this brilliant picture of a cosplaying Doctor Who family, I’ve always been a fan of group cosplay – I think it’s great when a number of people get together and turn up as pretty much the entire cast of characters from their favorite series, game, comic etc. You can clearly see that Doctor Who dad, Tardis mom and their mini-dalek daughters really put a lot of effort into their wonderful outfits.

They were spotted at Katsucon and the convention’s Tumblr states: “As I asked to take this photo, Dad says “OK girls, point your plungers” and they promptly looked at me and said the keyword to my heart … EX-TER-MI-NATE!”

Daaaaaw, these brightly colored Dalek girls are certainly the cutest, least menacing Dalek’s that I’ve ever come across, I still wouldn’t mess with those plungers though!