Guns, Drugs & Booty: Just A Standard Video From John McAfee About Uninstalling Software

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that John McAfee is one wacky guy whose questionable antics are often thoroughly entertaining!

Earlier in the year, we keenly followed his story as he went on the run from Belize authorities, wailing to the high heavens about conspiracy theories, poisoned dogs, being framed for murder and what-not! He donned disguises, investigated his own case, was said to have faked a heart attack and introduced his web-followers to the not-so-clandestine network of scantily clad women helping him evade capture and get his story to the world! Continue Reading

Another Movie About John McAfee In The Making


Last week we wrote about the news that Warner Bros studio had purchased the rights to the Wired feature on eccentric, formerly-on-the-run, antivirus mogul John McAfee entitled ‘John McAfee: The Last Stand’ and were considering turning the 67-year-old incredibly bizarre exploits into a movie. Warner Bros. have reportedly hired John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (who worked on ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’) to write, direct and produce the big screen adaptation which will be based on Joshua Davis’ Wired article.

But it seems that Warner Bros. aren’t the only ones eager to get McAfee’s tale into the cinemas as Montreal’s Impact Future Media announced this week that they would be partnering with Equinoxe Films (also from Montreal) to create a John McAfee biopic of their own. Continue Reading

Is Hollywood Ready? John McAfee: The Movie!!

John McAfee

Ever since John McAfee was first implicated for the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull in the central American country of Belize, those reporting on his story (and those reading about it) have said that it sounded more like the plot of a fictional movie than real life.

Rumors of corrupt governments requesting bribes and giving new identities to Hezbollah terrorists, fraud, meth labs, assassinated doggies, wacky disguises, allegedly faked heart attacks, a “Charlie’s Angels” group of girls assisting him on the run and outrageous blog posts from the man that detailed his adventures are just some of the elements of what have been John McAfee’s life for the last few months! Continue Reading

McAfee Interview: “I Don’t Care If People Think I’m Crazy”

Controversial anti-virus mogul John McAfee has given a fascinating interview to KATU’s Emily Sinovic in which he elaborates on the unusual occurrences that have taken place in his life over the last few months.
Anyone who has been following his bizarre tale, whether they believe McAfee to be a paranoid lunatic or someone who has been unfairly persecuted, will be intrigued by the insights in this interview.

Sinovic met with McAfee in downtown Portland, near the hotel where he is currently staying and she asked him numerous difficult questions. In the video segment of the interview, McAfee responds to Sinovic’s question regarding his keenly disputed sanity, by stating “I think most people think I’m crazy.” But McAfee claims to be ok with this, because people’s opinions change so rapidly and dramatically that he believes the public’s feelings about him will alter once they have all the information. Continue Reading

John McAfee’s Latest Blog Post – Introducing The Girls!


It’s all gone a little bit quiet in John McAfee’s crazy tale since he arrived on U.S. soil in the middle of December after being deported from Guatemala.

There have been no crazy stories of dead dogs, silly disguises, heart attacks, controversial conspiracy theories or the like for a little while now. However, as McAfee settles into his new life in Portland, he has released another blog post that has already gathered some serious media attention.

In a post entitled “The Girls”, the anti-virus mogul introduces a number of girls that had lived with him whilst he was in Belize and helped him with a “social engineering project.”Continue Reading

John McAfee Arrives In Miami After Being Deported From Guatemala

john mcafee miami

Antivirus mogul John McAfee who has been on the run from Belize authorities for over a month has arrived in Miami after being deported from Guatemala.

McAfee is wanted for questioning by the Belize authorities in the murder of his neighbor, fellow expat Gregory Faull. Last week, he was arrested in Guatemala for crossing the border illegally after a photograph posted by Vice Editor-in-chief Rocco Castoro revealed GPS coordinates.

McAfee has been documenting his strange adventures on his blog and just yesterday, he accused Vice of purposely revealing his location so that they could film his arrest! Continue Reading

John McAfee’s Crazy Tale Gets Animated

Those humor-loving folks at Taiwanese firm, Next Media Animation have brought us the animated antics of Antivirus mogul John McAfee.
Just recently, McAfee was rushed to hospital after it was suspected that he suffered 2 mild heart attacks. He was being detained by Guatemalan authorities after Vice Magazine’s Editor-in-chief Rocco Castoro accidently posted a photo to of McAfee without clearing the GPS data and revealed his location!

But these are just the latest developments in McAfee’s insane tale, Next Media Animation do a good job of telling the story, although they did miss out the bit about the dead dogs!

John McAfee Hospitalized After 2 Suspected Heart Attacks

Antivirus mogul John McAfee was rushed to a Guatemalan hospital yesterday afternoon after it was alleged that he suffered 2 mild heart attacks.

McAfee was being held under police guard in Guatemala, he had applied for political asylum to the Guatemalan authorities after being on the run from Belize authorities for the past 3 weeks. Guatemalan officials are believed to have denied his request and arrested him for crossing the border illegally. They were expected to deport McAfee back into the hands of the Belize authorities were he is cited as a “person of interest” in the murder investigation of fellow expat Gregory Faull. Continue Reading

Awesome McAfee Mind Map To Help You Follow The Crazy

If you, like so many of us, are having trouble following the weird and wacky twists and turns of John McAfee’s antics in recent weeks, then you might be pleased to find out about this awesome mind map created by chartmaker and investigator Hilary Sargent.

A few weeks ago, McAfee went on the run from Belize authorities after being wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor, fellow expat Gregory Faull. McAfee instantly believed there was some kind of conspiracy being orchestrated by the Belize authorities to try and frame him for the murder and so he went on the run and donned numerous oddball disguises in an attempt to find the evidence to clear his name. Continue Reading

McAfee Tale Takes New Twist As Antivirus Mogul Is Arrested In Guatemala

After 3 weeks on the run, donning numerous disguising to escape Belize authorities, calling for pubic help for his own investigation, murder suspect, Antivirus mogul John McAfee has finally been arrested in Guatemala.

The 67-year old was arrested by Guatemalan police for crossing the border illegally and is reportedly being held under police guard at a residence that belongs to the country’s immigration department.

Prior to his arrest, McAfee held a press conference with his lawyer Telesforo Guerra, the former Guatemalan Attorney General, asking Guatemalan authorities for asylum. Although it is believed that they will deny his request and send him back to Belize, because he crossed the border illegally! Continue Reading