California Teen Claims He Crashed Trailer Tractor Because Zombies Were Chasing Him!

19-year-old California teen Jerimiah Hartline has been arrested and accused of stealing a 3 axle tractor truck on Saturday. Hartline was then alleged to have sped off down the California Highway in the huge vehicle, clipping various other cars before jackknifing it and flipping it onto its side blocking all 4 lanes!

Hartline claimed that he had to take the vehicle and drive in such an erratic manner because he was being chased by zombies. Now young Jeremiah has either been reading the book of most implausible excuses ever that should never be given to a police officer if don’t want to serve jail time or he was high as a kite and actually believed that some brain-eating undead was hot on his tail (or shuffling slowly after him)! Continue Reading