Usual Suspects: Batman’s Arch Nemesis’ Given 1920s Style Mugshots!

John Doe” (Joker)

Check out this brilliant series entitled “Usual Suspects” by Canadian artist Jason Mark aka Jempix. Jempix has taken Gotham’s most notorious villains and given them a 1920s style mugshot makeover.

The collection features John Doe aka the Joker, who was never actually named in the Batman stories, Harvey Dent aka Two Face, the portly Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin and Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze. We can think of a couple of others that we’d like to see teleported into the 1920s – I for one am curious as to what he’d do to Bane’s mask to make it appear as though it is from that era!
Jempix was inspired to create the “Usual Suspects” from the mugshots of 1920s Australian criminals that has been doing the rounds on the internet of late. Continue Reading