Woman Uses Her Plunger On The Tokyo Subway!

Anyone who has had to use the subway during rush hour will be painfully aware that sometimes it can be difficult finding somewhere to grasp onto so that you don’t end up with your face rammed in a stranger’s stinky armpit every time the train comes to a halt.

To counter this problem, one woman has come up with an ingenious (or crazy) way of keeping her balance – by hanging on to a toilet plunger attached to the ceiling!!Continue Reading

Tokyoflash Launch Kisai Intoxicated Watch That Tells You If You’re Over The Drink/Drive Limit!

Check out the new Kisai Intoxicated watch from Tokyoflash that has an in-built breathalyzer that can tell the user if they are over the drink drive limit or if they are safe to get in their vehicle and toddle off home!

All you need to do is blow into the sensor and wait for the LCD to change color. Green means you are sober and good to go, yellow means you are buzzed and red is well and truly over the limit. It even has a mini-game so that you can test your reflexes if you really want to be sure! Continue Reading

Japanese Girl Band’s Skirt Lengths Change Depending on Stock Market


It’s impossible to control the stock market. While we’re at the point where we can foresee whether the market will boom or crash, there’s no real way to motivate those changes. Unless, of course, you happen to be a young girl in a Japanese girl band offering to take off your skirt.

The Japanese girl band, Machikado Keiki Japan (which in English translates to Street Corner Conditions Japan), features four young girls: Sakura Yuki (20), Kanon Mori (23), Jun Akami (17), and Hinako Kuroki (16). This Japanese girl band is not like any other girl band out there. Their purpose? When the stock market is doing well, they raise their skirt lengths even higher to show off more skin. For every 1,000 yen increase in Japan’s stock prices, their skirts get shorter.Continue Reading

Japanese Reinvent Bicycle Parks to Save Space

We all know how hard it can be to find a good parking spot when we’re out driving, but what about when we’re out cycling? Apparently Japan has such a shortage of places to park their bicycles that they’ve built an intricate underground parking system for bikes, like none you’ve ever seen before.

In this video, we’re shown Japan’s new systems, which are being called bicycle parks. How it works is you first embed a special chip into the front of your bike. Then you lead your bike towards the bicycle park, and upon the system reading the bike’s chip the doors will open. You then insert the front wheel of your bike through the open slot, which will then grips the tire. After you push a green button, and stand safely behind a yellow line, the bicycle park will pull your bike all the way in, lower it underground, and store it safely. When you buy the chip for your bike, you’re also given a card. You swipe this card in order to retrieve your bike whenever you want it back.Continue Reading

Japanese Courts Rule That 16-Year-Old Not Required To Pay Back $54k Bar Tab!

A Japanese court has ruled that a 16-year-old teenager who swiped his dad’s credit card and run up a $54,000 bill drinking champagne and entering into posh, expensive clubs, will not have to pay back the majority of the debt!

The teen took the card back in 2010 and with a friend, he visited various swanky clubs and bars in Kyoto, where guzzled exorbitantly priced champagne and whiskey.

The huge tab included the high-end alcoholic beverages and entrance fees into exclusive clubs where the teen and his friend were surrounded by “attractive women” hostesses. It has not been suggested that he used the Platinum American Express card to pay for sex however. Continue Reading

Maru The Internet-Infamous Investigative Cat Turns 6!

To celebrate the 6th birthday of Maru, the internet-infamous inquisitive kitteh, owner mugumogu posted this awesome montage video that features some of the curious kitty’s notorious antics that took place over the last year.

This is something of a birthday tradition for the adorable cat – a hugely popular internet celebrity whose videos have been viewed millions of times! Continue Reading

Japanese Climber Yuichiro Miura, 80, Is Oldest Man To Reach Summit Of Mount Everest!

On Thursday 23rd May 2013, Yuichiro Miura, 80, from Japan, became the oldest ever person to reach the peak of Mount Everest. The octogenarian, who found fame as a daredevil skier in his youth, had also scaled the 29,035 foot peak twice before, at ages 70 and 75!

His record might not last that long however, as 81-year-old Nepalese man, Min Bahadur Sherchan, who previously held the record plans an accent in the following weeks, despite recently suffering digestive problems and issues with funding for the climb. Sherchan climbed the world’s tallest mountain at the age of 76 in 2008, just one day before Miura reached the summit at the age of 75! It seems as though the two men’s mountaineering feats are inextricably linked!!Continue Reading

The Incredible Digital Finger Paintings Of Japanese Artist Seiko Yamaoka

Seiko Yamaoka
Check out these totally amazing digital finger paintings created on an iPad by Japanese artist Seiko Yamaoka.

Whilst most of us are content with using our iPads to fling angry birds at evil pigs, post pictures of our lunch on Instagram, answer incessant emails from our boss or twat about on Facebook and Twitter, Yamaoka had other ideas and was using it to recreate classical works of art.

He experienced a little bit of internet fame with a time-lapse video that condenses the 5 hours it took him to complete a digital finger painted version of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, into a 5 minute video. Continue Reading

Only In Japan: Hello Kitty Melons For Sale At $50 Each!!

In what can only be described as a nefarious plan to take advantage of those who are obsessed with Hello Kitty and have more money than sense, gourmet food specialty shop Belluna are selling melons with the infamous cat’s countenance etched into the rind!!

Oh and if you want one, you had better hurry, because they are limited edition! Apparently only 300 Hello Kitty melons will be up for grabs and they will be on sale until July 31st or until stocks last! They are available online by gourmet food specialty shop, Belluna.Continue Reading

Controversial Nationalist Politician Says Japan’s World War II Sex Slaves Were “Necessary”

Toru Hashimoto
Toru Hashimoto, the Mayor of Osaka has caused a great deal of controversy and upset after he recently told reporters that the thousands of women forced into prostitution during World War II to serve Japanese soldiers were “necessary”.
The controversial politician also said that “anyone would understand” the role of these “comfort women” in helping give soldiers that were risking their lives, “a rest.”

Hashimoto, who is the co-founder of the nationalistic Japan Restoration Party, did acknowledge that their existence was a “tragic result of war” but insisted that the use of prostitutes by soldiers was not a situation that was unique to Japan and happened all over the world. Continue Reading