Latest Pictures of Aurora Cinema Mass Shooting Suspect James Holmes

These are the latest pictures of James Holmes, the man suspected of being the masked gunman who opened fire at a packed showing of The Dark Knight Rises at an Aurora cinema back in July 2012.

Using multiple firearms and tear gas, the gunman fired indiscriminately into the crowd, killing 12 people and injuring more than 50 others. Continue Reading

Harrowing Details Of Aurora Shootings Heard In Court As Holmes Has Pre-Trial Hearing!

James Holmes

James Holmes, the man suspected of carrying out the mass shooting at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises in an Aurora cinema, was in court this week for a pre-trial hearing. During the week-long trial taking place in Centennial, Colorado, prosecutors will decide whether there is enough evidence to charge Holmes with more than 160 counts of murder, attempted murder and multiple firearms offences.

At the hearing, police who responded to the incident described the horrific scene in which 12 were killed and as many as 58 were injured when a masked gunman opened fire on unsuspecting cinema-goers.

Officers who arrested Holmes at the scene said that the 24-year-old, former neuroscience student appeared “out of it” when they apprehended him. Continue Reading

eBay Pulls Auction Of Rubber James Holmes Halloween Mask

Sometimes you hear about eBay pulling auctions and you think, really? Was that really necessary? Like when they pulled Scandinavian photographer Jimmy Wixtrom’s auction of Usain Bolt’s Olympic camera because it violated their charitable auction code; which many of us feel was kinda stupid and a little bit pointless.

However, there are other occasions when you hear of stuff being axed from the site and you’ve got give eBay a pat on their electronic backs and say ‘good call mate’. 

The axing of the auction of a James Holmes Rubber Halloween Mask is one of these occasions; you would have to search pretty far to find someone who doesn’t think that it is extremely bad taste indeed.

In case you have been hiding out in a cave in Yemen for the last few months and don’t know, James Holmes is the man accused of killing 12 and injuring dozens more when he opened fire at a crowded screening of The Dark Knight Rises at movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado in July.Continue Reading

Holmes’ University Psychiatrist Was Concerned He ‘Could Be A Danger To Others’

Lynne Fenton

A court document that was filed on Friday revealed that the man accused of carrying out the massacre at an Aurora cinema on July 20th, James Holmes, was a patient of University of Colorado psychiatrist Lynne Fenton prior to the attack.

Several media outlets have reported that Fenton was so concerned with Holmes’ behavior, that she contacted members of the university’s Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment (BETA) team in order to mount some sort of intervention.

The BETA team is a group made up of key staff members across several university departments who have experience in dealing with the assessment of potential threats to the university campus. Sources say that Fenton made several calls to members of BETA expressing her belief that Holmes had the potential to be ‘a danger to others’. Continue Reading

Aurora Massacre: Why We Shouldn’t Let Fear Cloud Our Reasoning

Security technologist and established author Bruce Schneier wrote a brilliantly insightful article for CNN about how we as people react to catastrophic events like the Aurora Massacre and why it is important not to let “fear cloud our reasoning” in the wake of terrible events.

Schneier points out that a terrible event like the mass shooting that took place at the Aurora cinema a few weeks ago, can be “catalysts for social and political change.” However he also points out that fear can often cloud our ability to reason and therefore causes us to focus on the specifics of the incident rather than the broader issues in question. Continue Reading

Gun Sales Increase In Colorado After Cinema Massacre

The number of Colorado citizens who have applied to buy guns since the terrible massacre at a late night showing of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ last Thursday has soared.

Masked gunman James Holmes, 24, released 2 canisters of gas into the audience and then opened fire on movie goers at random. 12 people were killed and 59 others were injured. Of those who were injured, 20 are still receiving treatment in hospital and 6 of those remain in critical condition. Holmes was apprehended by police at the scene where he did not resist arrest. It was the worst mass shooting in Colorado since the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999. He made his first court appearance on Monday where he was told he would be denied bail because of the seriousness of the allegations against him.

Prosecutors have stated that Holmes legally obtained the 3 firearms and ammunition that he used to carry out the shooting.Continue Reading

‘Batman Massacre’ Suspect James Holmes Makes First Court Appearance

James Holmes, the man accused of carrying out the terrible shooting that left 12 dead and 59 injured at an Aurora movie theater appeared in court today for the first time.

At 9.30am (Colorado time) Holmes made a brief appearance in front of an Arapahoe County judge. In the court room, Holmes was told that because the case against him was such a serious one, he would not be offered bail. He was told the grounds on which was being held, but the formal charges against him will be made during his next court appearance, which is scheduled to take place on Monday 30th July. Continue Reading

Aurora Unites To Remember Victims

Thousands of people gathered together in Aurora on Sunday night for a candlelit vigil to remember the victims of those who were shot in the massacre at movie theatre on Thursday.

12 were killed and 58 were injured when masked gunman James Holmes, 24, opened fire on the audience at the crowded screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

The candlelit vigil closed a day of pray and remembrance for the 12 victims, the wounded and their families. Church congregations used social media networks to encourage people to join in on the day of remembrance and President Obama was in Aurora visiting the wounded in hospital and meeting with the relatives of those who lost their lives. Continue Reading

The Dark Knight Rises’ Stars Release Statements About Massacre

Stars of Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway have released statements regarding the terrible events that unfolded at a crowded screening of the movie on Thursday night in Aurora, Colorado. In a brutal attack, masked gunman, 24-year-old James Holmes opened fire on movie goers, killing 12 and wounding more than 50, before he was apprehended by police in the parking lot. Continue Reading

The Batman Massacre: James Holmes – The Profile

Police investigators and the media have spent the last few days putting together a profile of James Holmes, the man who shocked America when he opened fire on movie goers at a crowded showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. Holmes, who was masked and wearing a bullet proof vest, used a semi-automatic AR-15, a Remington 870 shotgun and a 40 caliber Glock handgun to carry out the terrifying attack which left 12 dead and more than 50 injured on Thursday night.

According the latest reports, Holmes, 24, had recently dropped out of his PHD neuroscience course at the University of Colorado and because of this, he was facing eviction from his apartment.

His neighbors told TMZ that to stay in that particular apartment complex, you have to be enrolled at the university and they are very strict about this policy, regularly carrying out stringent checks. Once it has been discovered that a resident is no longer a student at the university, they are given 30 days to find alternative accommodation. Judging from the time that Holmes dropped out of his course, he would have been right near the end of the 30 day period and facing eviction when he carried out the cinema attack. Continue Reading