Awesome Iron Man Mark VII Armor Case For Your iPhone!

Iron Man fanatics (and the clumsier iPhone owners amongst us) might be interested in this epic Mark VII Armor case that will keep your smartphone safe from alien invaders, worm holes, the Mandarin and all those in his allegiance, oh and it should also protect it from the occasional drop on the floor too!

The case, which is constructed to look and feel as though it is made of the same indestructible metals as Stark’s infamous armor, has a section that slides out of the shoulder of the case so that you can access the camera. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the case also has an “arc reactor” power core that flashes when a call is received!! Continue Reading

Two Old School Cellphones In A Fight To The Death (or until one falls down)


The incredible nature of Smartphones like the iPhone or the Galaxy S range mean that old school cellphones like the one featured in this clip are pretty much obsolete. They don’t have apps, nifty graphics, cameras, Facebook, Twitter, or all the many other wondrous features that make a smartphone so damn desirable!

There’s just little point owning one… unless, you enjoy pitting them against one another in a battle to the death!

You wouldn’t be able to (or want to) do this with your smartphone – but with one of these handsets you can have hours of fun just by setting them onto vibrate mode and watching them come at one another threateningly when they are called. Ok, so it’s hardly like a ‘Mortal Kombat – Finish Him’ maneuver when they come together, but betting which phone will come out victorious could prove interesting and is far more humane than betting on cock or dog fights.Continue Reading

Apple Releases IOS 6.0.2 Update That Combats Wi-Fi Bug But It’s Just For iPad Mini & iPhone 5


Apple’s IOS6 users that have been frustrated by what’s been called the “Wi-Fi Bug” will be pleased to know that they have released an update to the software that allegedly combats this issue.

But before you get all excited, the update is only available for Apple’s newest devices, the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini.

The update doesn’t contain any dramatic new features, so if you use an older device and you haven’t been affected by the Wi-Fi bug, then there’s no real reason to be overly bothered that you can’t get it. Continue Reading

2 Million iPhone 5s Sold In First Weekend Of Chinese Launch


Apple has announced that more than 2 million units of the iPhone 5 were sold over the weekend of 14th December – which saw the product launched in China.

When the iPhone 4S was launched in China last year, some rioting broke out which makes it difficult to analyze sales data to determine which product sold better, however experts are claiming that this is a stronger launch than any of the product’s predecessors.

CEO Tim Cook said that the “customer response to iPhone 5 in China” had been “incredible”. In his press release, Cook stated that the sales had set a “new record with the best first weekend sales ever in China.” He also reiterated the significance of the Chinese market to the company, stating “China is a very important market for us and customers there cannot wait to get their hands on Apple products.”Continue Reading

iPhone 5 Goes On Sale In China & Taiwan


Today the iPhone 5 was finally available to consumers in mainland China, Taiwan and several other countries. As you can imagine, people were out in the hoards, queuing up outside Apple stores in a bid to be the first ones to get the hands on the latest Apple smartphone.

In the U.S., Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong the UK and several other European nations, the iPhone 5 went on sale on September 21st. Thousands camped outside Apple Stores all over the world, with many there for several days!

The queues outside the Apple Stores in China were slightly shorter than those that have been seen in other locations around the world because customers had to make online reservations first! Continue Reading

Apple Bling: Gold iPhone 5 Covered In Swarovski Crystals

For the Apple fanboy with more money than sense, we bring you the iPhone 5 that now comes covered in Swarovski crystals and 24k gold!
People with gold plated Macbook Air’s can now get closer to achieving a complete set of gold plated Apple products – though we don’t know if any companies have made the move to gold plate those cheap looking white chargers yet!! Something simply must be done about this darling….

There are various different types of blinged out iPhone 5’s that will all set you back a serious amount of case, but hey, if you are a fat cat then they last thing you want is to be walking down the street holding a phone that every other guy and gal has! Continue Reading

Chinese Woman Protests Outside Apple Store Over Husband’s Refusal To Buy Her iPhone 5

Apparently this poor woman is suffering from an iPhone 5 deficiency. It is causing her so much grief that she has taken to protesting in the streets. She wears a printed sweatshirt and a placard that explains her situation. These signs inform us that her husband will not buy her an iPhone 5 so she is instead “searching for my jeweled encrusted sugar daddy.”

She took her protest to the Saturday opening of Apple’s Wangfujing store in Beijing – this new store is now Asia’s largest and thousands of people queued up outside to witness the opening.

Though this woman’s plight might well be true, placards and printed t-shirts that carry messages like this are often used in China to garner publicity. So before any of you generous, big-hearted blokes go rushing off to Beijing to try and find this poor, sweet iPhone 5-less lady and make her dreams come true bear in mind that it might all just be a clever ploy! Continue Reading

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Sorry For Maps App

Wow, it’s not often that you hear that boffins at Apple have made a mistake and even less often that you will hear them step up and apologize for it. But the unexpected has happened, after days of getting flak about their Maps App, Apple realized that they couldn’t bury their heads in the sand any longer and have released a public apology. 

In the days since the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, Apple users everywhere have been complaining about the failings of the Map App.

It has been described as ‘geographically incompetent’ and said to have “fundamental errors in 3D mapping and directions.” It is also reported to be useless to those travelling by public transport – a huge percentage of the population. Continue Reading

Epic Stupidity: Woman Waiting In Line For iPhone 5 Gives Her Reasons

Sometimes stupidity is annoying, sometimes it is downright irritating, sometimes it is dangerous but other times you want to hold your hands up to the heavens and thank God for giving us stupidity because it is sooooo damn funny. This video clip is a prime example of some of the funniest stupidity I have seen in a long time.

Rachel, who has been waiting in line for the iPhone 5 for 2 days, explains to the interviewer that she didn’t want to order the phone online because she “didn’t want to get ripped off by the internet.” If Rachel is to be believed, the internet is the big bad, a scary place where terrible things happen to good (daft) people like Rachel. Continue Reading

Hitler Reacts: The Führer Is Unimpressed With iOS 6 Glitchy Maps

Many Apple users who have recently upgraded to iOS 6 have been bemoaning the glitchy new Maps app and are ruing the decision by their beloved company not to include the revered Google Maps.

Those who run the ‘Hitler Reacts’ meme on YouTube were quick to react to the disgruntled rants of Apple users who really miss Google Maps and now, you can include Hitler amongst the haters of iOS6’s Maps app.

The angry Führer nearly bursts a blood vessel as he furiously fumes on about the geographical ineptitude of Apple Maps; “Now my house is listed as a fountain in Austria…That’s why I wanted Samsung Phones, they don’t look sexy but the maps don’t send me to the Philippines” he rages while his henchmen break out into a cold nervous sweat. Continue Reading