Grumpy Cat Reimagined as Members of the Justice League


Who needs a Justice League movie with Christian Bale, Ryan Reynolds, Henry Cavill, and a slew of other well-known Hollywood actors, when we could simply just cast Tardar Sauce, the meme-famous Grumpy Cat, in all the superhero roles?

This fun picture, taken from the Almost Nerdy Facebook page, comes at the perfect time too, what with Grumpy Cat just getting her very own movie deal not too long ago. Who wouldn’t want to see Tard prancing around in a Batman getup or flying over the streets of Metropolis, spouting off angry catchphrases as she fights off villains? While it’s doubtful that we’ll ever see a Grumpy Cat Justice League crossover film, the images and accompanying text are amusing nonetheless.

Joseph Ducreux Sculpture: A Gift for the Meme Lover in Your Life

Hey! It’s that guy! The meme guy! It’s… uh… crap, what’s his actual name? … Uh … Joseph Ducreux! Thanks Google!

While you might not know this guy’s name, you’re probably well aware of the meme. The Joseph Ducreux meme became popular in 2009, in which people would place rap lyrics rewritten to sound like old English over a painting of him. Well, Ryan Kittleson took the initiative and designed a sculpture of the famous Joseph Ducreux painting. Kittleson’s shapeway store also has sculpture’s of various other internet memes (Success Kid, that screwed up Jesus painting, and Son I Am Disappoint).

Anyway, you have two options when buying the Joseph Ducreux sculpture: the full colored sandstone option for $29.99 or the white strong & flexible for $55.00.Continue Reading

The Riflestache Has To Be The Weirdest Internet Meme To Date

Just when you thought you have seen all there was to be seen in the internet, and I do a lot of surfing, then comes the riflestache. It’s mostly military blokes taking photos of themselves holding guns with mustaches painted on them.

There are not many of these riflestache photos floating around yet. I found 2 so far, the first photo was found on JMC Custom Holsters’ page, and the second was seen on the Four Guys Guns Facebook page.

I’m not American nor in the military so there is no way I can get hold of a gun to make one of these riflestache photos. If you do happen to have a gun, then feel free to take some riflestache photos of yourself and send them to us. We’ll post them here on Buzz Patrol.