Instagramimaton – A Stop Motion Short Created With More Than 1,600 Instagram Pics!

Filmmakers Paul Cummings and Eriq Wities (from Friends in Faux) have creating an interesting little short entitled “Instagramimaton” which they describe as a “stop motion adventure through the world of Instagram.”

The short was made up using more than 1,600 individual Instagram photographs and interested parties can also view each individual picture online. Cummings and Wities also made a behind-the-scenes video which explains the various steps of the process they used to create “Instagramimaton” which is pretty intriguing. Continue Reading

Facebook Responds To Vine’s Popularity By Launching Video On Instagram

Responding to the growing popularity of Twitter’s 6 second video service, Vine. Instagram has announced that it will now sport a video option, unimaginatively named Video on Instagram.

Users can access Video on Instagram via an icon located in the bottom right corner of the app and will be able to record up to 15 seconds of footage. They will be given access to 13 new filters for their footage, but it won’t run on a loop like Vine, simply appearing in your feed and playing just the once. Continue Reading

Hungry Channel Pranksters Hassle Strangers To Take Instagram Snaps Of Food

YouTube cooking channel Hungry recently released this highly amusing video that features a couple of pranksters on a mission to weird people out by asking them if it’s ok to Instagram their food.

The rogue chow Instagrammers receive a range of different reactions from the subjects, from utter contempt and disgust, perplexed agreement to completely blasé approval.

I guess it says a lot about just how prevalent the trend of Instagramming one’s food has become, if people are totally relaxed about random strangers coming up to them and asking to take snapshots of their grub to put on the internet! Continue Reading

Instagram Pics Now Have An Impact On Your Klout Score

Klout, the San Francisco based social media analytics company that measures people’s social media influence, has announced that Instagram photographs will now have an effect on an individual’s Klout Score.

Instagram account holders have been able to connect their accounts to Klout for quite some time, however until now, the photographs did not have an impact upon the scorings.

In an announcement this week, Klout has said that Instagram photographs will influence a person’s score and the most popular images will be highlighted in the Klout Moments section of a profile. Continue Reading

Brazilian Model Causes A Stir After Posting Instagram Pics Of Her Breastfeeding A Calf!! NSFW

Brazilian model and DJ Sabrina Boing Boing has caused quite a stir in her homeland after posting some rather unusual and some say controversial pictures of herself on Instagram that show her trying to breastfeed a calf.

Alongside the bizarre pictures, Sabrina wrote “Teste feito com mamiferos, ate agora todos querem mamaaaaa rs.” For the non-Portuguese speakers out there, the trusty Google translate tells us that this means something along the lines of “Testing done with mammals, so far everyone wants suck lol.”Continue Reading

Instagram Celebrates Hitting The 100 Million Monthly Active Users Mark!

Just a couple of months after Facebook announced that it had hit the huge 1 billion user mark, photo-sharing network Instagram, that was acquired by the social media platform back in April of 2012, is celebrating a milestone of its own. On Tuesday, Instagram proclaimed that they had reached the 100 million monthly active user mark (MAU)!!

Since Instagram’s inception back in October 2010, the photo-sharing network boasts some incredible statistics, with their 100 million MAUs sharing approximately 40 million pictures each day. Instagram users click 8,500 Likes and post 1,000 comments with each passing second! Continue Reading

Santiago Perez Grovas & Taylor Dee – The Couple Who Found Love On Instagram


Because it’s Valentine’s Day and because we love social media every day, here’s a cute little story of a couple who met and fell in love because of Instagram.
Santiago Perez Grovas, 26, and Taylor Dee, 22, hail from Mexico City and Colorado respectively, they have been dating for nearly a year now and are deeply in love, but they might never have crossed paths if not for photo sharing platform!
Neither of the two were professional photographers, Dee – a waitress and Santiago owner of a new architectural firm, but because they started using the photosharing app during its early days, they both became celebrities of sorts. Santiago aka @santiagopgm has more than 70,000 followers and Taylor aka @thisgirl_ has 18,000 and their pictures regularly appeared on the popular page.

That was where Taylor first spotted Santiago’s account, she was instantly enthralled and captured by the images he shared, but for months she believed he was a woman because so many of his photos were of females. It was only when he put up a picture of himself that she realized the truth! Continue Reading

Instagram’s Updated Terms Of Service To Take Effect On Saturday


It is has been a difficult couple of months for Instagram and as their proposed changes to their Terms of Service have not exactly been gleefully accepted by their users.

After responding to negative feedback from their users who were concerned about Instagram selling their content and had numerous other issues with the terms of service, Instagram amended the policy changes that had caused the most controversy and co-founder Kevin Systrom attempted to clarify new terms in a series of blog posts. Continue Reading

Protecting Your Instagram Pictures!


Those of you who have been following the Instagram-related stories in the news this week will know that they have changed their terms of service. Initially these changes appeared to give them the right to sell your pictures without notification or compensation – but the uproar over this soon meant that they backtracked.

Whilst all seems to be well in the world of Instagram now, the new changes do give the company a little bit of wiggle room. According to CNN Money, Instagram’s aim “appears to be to incorporate your personal information into sponsored posts, along the lines of what Instagram’s parent company, Facebook (FB), already does with its Sponsored Stories ads.”

For those of you who are concerned about what this means for your Instagram creations, there are a few precautions you can take. Continue Reading

Teens In Sweden Riot & Barricade Themselves Into School Over Instagram Sex Rumors

swedish instagram riot

Swedish teens protesting over Instagram sex rumors and pictures barricaded themselves inside a Gothenburg school and the protest turned violent when police tried to intervene.

According to reports trying to make sense of the volatile situation, the high school students were angry about an Instagram account which was allegedly started by a 17-year-old girl in the area.

The owner of this anonymous account allegedly asked for tips and pics on “sluts” in the Gothenburg area and promised anonymity to anyone who sent photos in. Before long, more than 200 pictures had been submitted giving names and alleged sexual activities of girls as young as 13 and 14. The account’s following ballooned and numerous Swedish female teens were labeled “sluts” and “whores”!Continue Reading