Ignore Hitler Craze Hits Draw Something

Draw Something, the smart phone app that has people pit their artistic wits against their friends from social networking sites or battle with complete strangers from around the world is currently in the midst of a Hitler pics craze.

It was started off by Draw Something player, known just as Michael, who created the Ignore Hitler Tumblr – a site which features some very elaborate pictures of Adolf Hitler that have come up in Draw Something, whether the word that was being captured had anything to do with the notorious German dictator or not!

In a Daily Dot interview about the Ignore Hitler craze, Michael explains how the idea came about, explaining simply; “He was the king of dicks. I’m not trying to make any political point by doing it, but I think anything that reduces a genocidal prick to an acceptable figure of mockery is a good thing.” Good point Michael, there are many who would agree with you!

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