Food Writer Has To Tell Everyone He’s Not In “Butter Coma” After Satire Biscuit Story Is Viral Hit!

Food writer Kevin Shalin, better known as The Mighty Rib, has had to come out and deny rumors that he fell into a “butter coma” after eating 413 really tasty but lard-heavy biscuits! It had been reported that witnesses had seen Shalin convulsing after consuming the buttery biscuits and the story of his near demise quickly went viral.

It all started after a report about Shalin and his near-death experience with the biscuits appeared on fictional news site Rock City Times. Despite the fact that the site describes itself as being “Arkansas’ 2nd most unreliable news source” several other outlets like The Daily Mail Online, The Mirror and The Sun covered the strange story without realizing it was a hoax! Continue Reading

Chinese Farmer Arrested After Falsely Claiming He Had An Electrocuted Alien In Freezer!

A Chinese farmer who claimed to have accidently electrocuted an alien with a rabbit trap and stored the extra terrestrial in his freezer has been exposed as a fraudster and arrested for his attempts to mislead people!

The man, referred to as Mr. Li by the Chinese media, initially posted about his freezer alien on an blogsite, he said: “I was setting an electric trap for rabbits by the Yellow river when I saw a bright light…Above my bike, a UFO was floating. One by one, five aliens came down, but one of them stumbled into one of my rabbit traps and was electrocuted. The others went back into their ship and flew away.”

He also claimed that DNA tests proved that the creature in his freezer did not come from earth! Hmmm seems legit. Continue Reading

Man Behind “Sarah Hanson Startup” Admits It Was A Hoax For Media Attention

Steinar Skipsnes with wife Jessika Flood

Steinar Skipsnes with wife Jessika Flood

Some readers may remember the story that appeared recently about a startup that was said to have been masterminded by a Sarah Hanson, a 19-year-old who auctioned of 10% of her future income to fund her startup and obtained a $125,000 from a California investor.

We didn’t cover the story on Buzz Patrol, but it did feature on numerous other tech sites including GeekWire, who have since researched the story and discovered that the whole thing is a hoax!! Continue Reading

Toddler Swiping Golden Eagle Video Is A Hoax

eagle snatched kid

There is a lot of mysticism surrounding eagles, especially those of the golden variety. In the story books giant eagles carry young adventurous children on fantastical adventures and we all remember what they did for Frodo and Samwise in LOTRs. We all know that they are beautiful, powerful creatures with massive wingspans and that their talons have amazing strength. In fact, the talons of golden eagle can exert up to 750 pounds of pressure per square inch when they are grasping at their prey. That’s about 15 times the pressure that a human hand can exert!

So when this video of a golden eagle swooping in trying to nab a toddler and make off with it starting doing the social media rounds, it wasn’t inconceivable that it could be actual footage. Continue Reading

Mastermind Responsible For ‘Back To The Future’ Hoax Claims It Was Accident

The man responsible for creating Wednesday’s ‘Back to the Future’ day image has confessed to his sins, but is claiming that the whole thing was an accident.

Steve Berry, who is a social media manager for the mobile checkout company Simply Tap, photoshopped the image of the DeLorean’s clock to read June 27 2012 – Wednesday’s date, and his image went surging around the internet at the speed of light. Well, maybe not quite that fast, but it did get thousands of shares and a multitude of comments.

The actual ‘future day’ on the time-travelling car’s counter read Oct. 21 2015, as many of you ardent ‘Back to the Future’ fans will know. But Berry claims that he never intended to try and fool anyone with the new date and that it was an advertising ploy meant to promote the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy Blu-ray box set for a client.

Berry explained to that he altered the image in reference to the 5 July 2010 hoax that was stated by Total Film and went viral. He said: “We promoted the image fully confident in the knowledge that everyone was familiar with the original hoax from a couple of years ago…We figured that no one would fall for the same joke twice, so the caption was deliberately replicated it word for word so people would get the reference.”

Sounds honest enough I suppose, what do you reckon? Should we let him off the hook?

Hold Onto Your DeLorean’s – We’re Not Back To The Future Yet!!

You might have spotted the ‘Back to the Future’ image doing the rounds of the web today, the image from the integral scene in the cult film, when Marty McFly and the enigmatic Doc jump inside the time-traveling DeLorean and go to June 27 2012…

STOP. Do Not Get Excited. This Is Just A Hoax! I Repeat This Is Just A Hoax!!

The image circulating around on Twitter, Facebook and any other social networking sites of significance is a Photoshopped one! As you can see from the YouTube clip of the film, the date set on the DeLorean’s clock clearly places the date as October 21, 2015. Continue Reading