Grumpy Cat Reimagined as Members of the Justice League


Who needs a Justice League movie with Christian Bale, Ryan Reynolds, Henry Cavill, and a slew of other well-known Hollywood actors, when we could simply just cast Tardar Sauce, the meme-famous Grumpy Cat, in all the superhero roles?

This fun picture, taken from the Almost Nerdy Facebook page, comes at the perfect time too, what with Grumpy Cat just getting her very own movie deal not too long ago. Who wouldn’t want to see Tard prancing around in a Batman getup or flying over the streets of Metropolis, spouting off angry catchphrases as she fights off villains? While it’s doubtful that we’ll ever see a Grumpy Cat Justice League crossover film, the images and accompanying text are amusing nonetheless.

Grumpy Cat Gets A Movie Deal!

Grumpy Cat, the internet’s favorite miserable, maudlin and cynical feline has managed to get herself a movie deal and will be taking her infamous brand of despondency to Hollywood in the very near future!

Ben Lashes, 34, who has built a career as an agent for Internet cats, negotiated the deal with Broken Road Productions, the company responsible for the 2011 movie ‘Jack and Jill’ which starred Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes. Terms of the deal are yet to be disclosed. Continue Reading

Grumpy Cat Makes Appearance On Anderson Cooper’s TV Show

Tardar Sauce aka the internet phenomenon Grumpy Cat made an appearance on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show ‘Anderson Live’ last week, sharing her unique brand of morose and moody with the world.

Grumpy Cat and her rather chirpy owners appeared on the show to promote the new Friskies commercial the scowling kitteh has recently starred in. Continue Reading

Grumpy Cat Spotted At The Grocery Store

Check out this photograph of Grumpy Cat using one of uniquely miserable catchphrases to help sell some frozen foodstuffs.

This would definitely encourage me and I’m sure many other Grumpy Cat fans to take a closer look at the frozen offerings on display!

Upon close inspection, you can the “365” logo on the items in the freezer, the store brand of Whole Foods. I’m suddenly intrigued to find out how Grumpy Cat feels about Whole Foods claim to sell the creature that represents pure joy, happiness and magic – the unicorn. I doubt she will be too pleased!!

Grumpy Cat Latte – A Delightful Treat For The Caffeine Addict

I’m a morning-hater and a caffeine addict so I can certainly appreciate this Grumpy Cat Latte. There are so many of us there who, before we get our first fix of that delicious, warm, caffeine-infused beverage, display traits similar to those of the beloved meme feline Grumpy Cat.

Like Grumpy Cat, we are miserable, irritable, hate everyone, find no joy in anything and basically want the world to piss off and leave us alone, that is until we get our daily dose (well some us of stay like that, but that’s besides the point)!

Tumblr user Rocket024 created this wonderful meme-inspired drink and we’ve got to say, she’s done a wonderful job of capturing Grumpy Cat’s infamously miserable expression. I think all baristas should be trained to do this!

Grumpy Cat Immortalized By Chris Calver Sculpture


This epic Grumpy Cat Sculpture was created by Deviant Artist Chris Calver and brilliantly immortalizes the infamously foul-tempered internet legend. Calver called the piece a “quick portrait of my favorite internet cat.”

I think it’s a fantastic piece of art that really captures Grumpy Cat’s unforgettable expression. Fans of the piece can purchase their own, so now Grumpy Cat can sit upon your mantelpiece frowning upon your life even when the internet is down! Continue Reading

Grumpy Cat and Pokey Not Enjoying Christmas

Tarter Sauce the Grumpy Cat and Pokey didn’t look like they’re enjoying Christmas.

Grumpy Cat As Grumpy Kitten

grumpy kitten

This is a photo of Grumpy Cat when he was a kitten. He’s the one on the far left btw.

grumpy kitten close

Here’s a close up.

Even as a kitten, his grumpiness was already there.

grumpy cat

This is Tartar Sauce the Grumpy Cat as we know him today.

Grumpy Nyan Cat Destroys the World

Might as well really. No one did.

Grumpy Cat Tattoo

grumpy cat tattoo

Philadelphia-based tattoo artist Tom Taylor of Deep Six Laboratory inked this black metal cat tattoo based on our favorite cat, Tard the Grumpy Cat.