The Rise of the Nerds: Twenty Geeky Bars

bar2-hobbit pub

Us geeks love the chance to get together and socialize with one another, be it about gaming, cosplay, fandoms, roleplaying, literature, you name it. Truthfully, we can geek out just about anywhere and be perfectly content, but who doesn’t want to have a truly geektastic place to meet up at with all your friends? That’s where these geeky bars come in. These twenty bars off a wonderful place to socially convene, be it for drinks with your pals or perhaps a bit of game playing. As someone who’s been to one of these bars (Ground Kontrol), let me just personally endorse the notion that there is nothing more fun than playing a video game with your best friend, where you’re both killing zombies while simultaneously drinking beers, all in a bar setting. If Ground Kontrol was that much fun, then I can only guess that the other bars are just as awesome.

So, without further ado, here are twenty wonderfully geeky bars for your enjoyment.Continue Reading

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