Tobias Wüstefeld’s Scenes From Super Mario Adorning Animal Skulls!

Just in case you hadn’t had enough WTF for one day, we bring you the fantastically bizarre creations of artist Tobias Wüstefeld.

Wüstefeld created these meticulously detailed scenes from classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros and for some reason completely unbeknownst to us, placed them on top of some shiny white animal skulls!

The artist created the piece for the We Love 8-Bit art show that was held in Vienna, Austria and I suppose his choice to place his cute little Super Mario characters on some rather macabre animal skulls does give his artwork a strange edge that would set it aside from a lot of the others on display. Continue Reading

Introducing Mia Grace – The 4-Year-Old With An Incredible Knowledge Of The Marvel Universe!

Comic book and superhero geeks will simply love this awesomely cute video featuring a Q&A between 4-year-old Mia Grace and her dad on the Marvel Universe, during a car journey to the store!

This adorable little girl knows a hell of a lot about Marvel superheroes and her manner and demeanor are totally cute too, asking her dad to repeat a question so that she can get it right!

From the substance that Captain America’s shield is made out of, to Iron Man’s nearest and dearest, little Mia is a professional superhero geek in the making!!Continue Reading

Dude Gets Wedding Ring Delivered To Fiancé Via Quadcopter!

As interesting and unusual wedding proposals go, this is one of the best and it features Jason Muscat popping the question to his girlfriend Christina Dam at Alamo Square Park in San Francisco with the ring delivered by Quadcopter!

Jason took Christina down to the park where they have spent a lot of time together to “shoot some photos.”

Wedding photographer Chris Geiger shot the video, whilst Jason used a Canon 5D Mark II to take the pictures on the ground. The Quadcopter carrying the wedding ring also had a couple of cameras on board that provided the aerial shots that you see in the clip. The Quadcopter had a Go Pro Hero 3 and an 808 keychain camera. Continue Reading

Awesome AT-AT Given Steampunk Makeover For Engagement Present

Check out this awesome Steampunk AT-AT that was created by a dude named Mark as an engagement present for his fiancé Caroline, who I am guessing loves Star Wars and Steampunk!

The epic creation has been given the moniker Captain Bayley’s Infernal Mechano-Perambulator and one can just imagine it spending its retirement from hunting the rebel forces by going for long walks on the beach! Mark used a vintage AT-AT and gave it an incredibly impressive Steampunk overhaul! Continue Reading

Chinese Engineer Turns A Defunct Hard Disk Into An Awesome Candy Floss Machine

A Chinese engineer who runs a hard drive repair and data recovery center has created a DIY candy floss machine using an old hard disk. The photos that show the process he followed to create the modded device were hugely popular and it has become a bit of an internet sensation!

According to the instructions, all you need to create this homemade candy floss machine is a hard drive that can still power up, 6 bicycle spokes, a plastic basin, an aluminum can and a round flat metal tin. Continue Reading

Twenty-Five Geeky Places to Visit


I don’t know about you guys, but spring break is right around the corner for me, and I’m so looking forward to getting away. This has gotten me thinking about travel in general, and how there are so many wonderfully geeky sights to see out in the world. So I decided to compile a list of some geeky places to visit. Anyone who’s able to visit all twenty-five of these places has obviously lead a good life. I’ve only been to three of these places… so far!

Many of the places are located in California and New York here in the United States, but I was delighted to find a whole slew of other sights in London, Japan, Guatamala, Tunisia, New Zealand, Vietnam, and other locations in the USA as well. These twenty-five geeky places to visit are a must see for any diehard geek.Continue Reading

Browse, Or Browse Not, There Is No Try


May 4th is Star Wars day, because geeks love puns and, you know, May the Fourth be with you!

So, in honor of Star Wars day I’ve put together a list of cool Star Wars inspired stuff from around the web. It’s kind of random, but all of it is cool, and if you love Star Wars I’m sure you’ll find at least a few of these interesting.

Some of these are older than others, but hopefully there’s a few things on here you haven’t seen before, and if not, take a walk down memory lane and peruse it again. Enjoy!

Brandon Peat’s Star Wars Alphabet

V is for Vader

The absolutely cutest alphabet of characters from a galaxy far, far away. Perfect for decorating the room of any young geeks in training.

Some are obvious, L is for Luke and Leia, V is for Vader, Y is for Yoda, but there’s a few in there that you might not have thought of off the top of your head unless you’ve read the books. In any case, all are adorable, and the drawings are great.Continue Reading

James Bond Theme Played on Floppy Discs

8 floppy drives playing the 007 theme song intro was built by students at Purdue University for the Association of Electrical Technologists (AET) club during Technology Week.