Game Of Thrones Favorites Get Online Dating Profiles

Anyone who watches Game of Thrones know that the main characters are often a little bit too busy to concern themselves with the frivolities of dating, there’s just too much murder, betrayal, treason, incest and backstabbing to bother worrying oneself with trying to find a significant other.

Though the main characters don’t seem to have much trouble getting laid, the hilarious folks over at Team Pwnicorn decided to give them a hand finding more meaningful relationships and created them some brilliantly funny online dating profiles!

So if you saw these profiles on an online dating site, who would you be inclined to want to wine and dine? Continue Reading

Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow Gets An Epic 80s-Inspired Training Montage

Game Of Thrones fans will simply love this awesome 80s-inspired training montage of Jon Snow fighting to stake his claim and earn his place as one of the Night’s Watch, guardians of The Wall.

Though The Wall is one of the most depressing and morose places depicted in Game Of Thrones (and that’s saying something), this 80s-style video and soundtrack created by Magooch86 will no doubt leave you with a little bit of wacky 80s positivity! Continue Reading

What Game of Thrones Would Like if All the Characters Rapped

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if every character in Game of Thrones broke out into a massive rap battle, well, it would probably look a whole lot like this video. Ultimate Birthday Rap Battle does  a wonderful job summing up the entirety of the HBO hit through rap lyrics, both by covering the entire plot and including a whole lot of detail. Made by YouTube channel stagefivetv, the people cast in this video do a great job capturing the Game of Thrones actors’ looks, voices, and portrayals of their characters. All in all, this video makes for an incredibly entertaining watch for any fan of Westeros.

However, this video is definitely not an appropriate watch if you’re at work. Save if for when you’re at home, where you can’t get fired. Also, if you’re behind in watching Game of Thrones, you might want to hold off, as it’s chock full of spoilers for this newest season.

Fans Reactions to Newest Game of Thrones Episode Caught on Video

Okay, I’m gonna do my best to not say anything too spoiler-y about last weekend’s Game of Thrones episode; although, chances are by now you are at least aware that something humungous went down on the show. Even if you’re not a fan and don’t watch the program, it was sort of impossible to escape the hundreds of Facebook statuses and tweets this last Sunday evening, and I’m sure it’s all anyone had to talk about around the water cooler come Monday Morning.Continue Reading

Game Of Thrones Fan Seeks Rob Stark Lookalike For Elaborate Fantasy Sex Scene On Craigslist

There are some funny and brilliant shit on Craigslist and this is another advert to add to the wacky list. The W4M advert is from an avid Game of Thrones fan who is seeking a Robb Stark lookalike to help her play out an elaborate fantasy sex scene.

The New Orleans posting states; “I have recently purchased a replica of the Iron Throne as seen in the television show, and need a partner to play out an elaborate fantasy.”Continue Reading

Game Of Thrones Season Premier Smashes BitTorrent Swarm Records!

The eagerly awaited season premier Game of Thrones has shattered numerous records since it aired just recently. It registered more than a million downloads in a 24 hour period causing the largest ever BitTorrent swarm and it took the record for the number of people sharing a torrent file at the same time, with 160,000 simultaneous peers.

Data collected by TorrentFreak shows that London topped the list of cities eager to download the episode, whilst Australia has the highest piracy rate of numerous destinations all around the world. Continue Reading

Game Of Thrones Characters Given Makeovers To Suit Other Hit TV Shows

Vulture, which brought you the brilliantly funny Game of Thrones Death Generator that we featured on Buzz Patrol last week, are responsible for these brilliant pics of your Westeros favorites reimagined as though they were cast in other acclaimed TV shows.

Vulture commissioned illustrator Kyle Hilton to give your Westeros heroes, villains, midgets and what-nots makeovers as though they appeared in shows like Seinfeld, Mad Men and Arrested Development.Continue Reading

Awesome Game Of Thrones Death Generator From Vulture

Game of Thrones is a fantastic and much loved series, which is renowned for the gruesomely spectacular ways in which the characters meet their bitter ends. Indeed, even the so-called main characters are not immune to being flamboyantly culled in George R.R. Martin’s brutal land full of betrayal and backstabbers.

As their way of paying homage to the numerous intriguing ways in which death can find you in Westeros, those clever folks over at Vulture have created this awesome Game of Thrones fake death generator. With the click of a mouse, the death generator will give you a death befitting of Westeros’ best and worst characters! Continue Reading

Classic Game Of Thrones Scenes Recreated In LEGO

Despite how much we might want LEGO that allow us to recreate our favorite scenes from Game Of Thrones, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever get official LEGO sets for George R.R. Martin’s hit series. They are just too violent, too sexually explicit and have too many other adult themes, but that hasn’t stopped some fans – because if LEGO don’t make the sets you want, such is the nature of the versatile construction material that you always have the option of creating your own. Continue Reading

Twenty-Five Game of Thrones Products You Should Own

In case you’re not aware, the return of Game of Thrones is right around the corner. In a week and a half we’ll be returning to the land of Westeros, still under the reign of Joffrey, where White Walkers are threatening the Wall, the Battle of Blackwater took place, and at least five different people are vying for the Iron Throne. To help get you back into the Game of Thrones mindset, here are twenty-five stellar products that you – if you consider yourself a diehard fan – should probably own.Continue Reading