Awesome Fresh Prince Rap Themed Answer To Physics Homework!

When you’re trying to find ways to keep yourself entertained whilst doing your physics homework, what better way than to answer the questions in the form of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap?

I can honestly say that it’s not something I ever thought of doing, but this kid’s Fresh Prince-themed explanation of Archimedes’ Principle might just be the best physics homework answer I’ve ever seen! Continue Reading

10 Despicable Me Cakes That Are More Delicious Than Despicable

July 3rd is the day that I am waiting for.  It is the day that we are all waiting for.  This, friends, is the day that Despicable Me 2 comes out in theaters.  (If you are from the future and have already seen Despicable Me 2, don’t spoil the ending because I probably have not seen it yet.  In the future, that is.  *What?*)

These 10 Despicable Me cakes make my eyes salivate, which smears my mascara and gets me all frazzled means that I am as happy as a clam.

Note: I don’t own mascara.

1.  Beautiful Despicable Me Cake Complete With Rabbit Poo Pellets

despicable me cakeContinue Reading

Brilliantly Funny Mechanic Ad With Dodgy Dude, Foreign Pop & Gyrating Models!

Check out hilariously oddball advert for Arlen’s Transmission, an auto mechanics in Burbank, California that features a very strange dude, a foreign pop song and some gyrating models!

Foreign or domestic, this dude will fix your transmission, no problems and we are damn sure he’ll throw in a cheesy wink and a smarmy smile free of charge! Continue Reading

Woman Threatens To Flash Tits If Roomate Doesn’t Stop Showering With Boyfriend

We don’t know much about the origins of this image or the nature of the roommate’s relationship that inspired it, all we know is that it’s a pretty damn funny way of dealing with the annoying little problem of rogue semen in the shower!

I imagine these people share a college dorm or suchlike and clearly, one woman was really not amused by the fact that her roomy constantly fornicates in her “favorite shower” and therefore left this awesomely funny passive-aggressive note on the mirror!!Continue Reading

Hula-Hoop Champion: Why Lord Sauron Actually Made The One Ring To Rule Them All

This image of the dark Lord Sauron practicing his hula-hooping skills sheds a little light as to why he created The One ring to rule them all.

We all know a lot about the power that ring had; it turned Gollum into a gibbering wreck, helped Bilbo Baggins disappear to dodge boring family members, nearly consumed Frodo’s soul and had ultimate power over all the other rings!

But did you know it also helped Lord Sauron on his way to become a world hula-hoop champion on several occasions? I bet you didn’t!

8 Geeky Anatomical Representations For Science Nerds To Relish and Mustard

Yes, I know that mustard is not a verb, but I also know that mayonnaise is in fact an instrument. One needs to learn to appreciate the weirder things in life, and that’s exactly the lesson that you will learn today.  You enjoy and appreciate the complex art of science?  Well, if you do, then you will surely relish mayonnaise this list of the eight greatest geeky anatomical representations.  Mario, Yoshi, Megaman, and more!Continue Reading

5 Geeky Popcorn Buckets You’d Love To Put Your Grubby Hands Into

Popcorn is the most delicious (non-female) thing to have sitting in the seat next to you at a movie.  I bought two tickets before I knew that my date was going to stand me up, so why not take up a seat with my huge bucket of popcorn?  Yes, folks, we have gone so far down the path of obesity that we now call them “buckets.”  Ironic, isn’t it, how we can walk so far down the path of obesity and not be getting any exercise?

These five geeky popcorn buckets are the most awesome innovations when it comes to high-tech chemical compounds that have the ability to retain popcorn in a reservoir that allows for simple extraction.  Translation: it makes it easier for you to eat things.Continue Reading

9 Adorable Star Wars Kittens For You To Love

Kittens are cute in and of themselves, but geeks like me go googly-eyes for cats who are fans of the saga.  And by fans of the saga, I mean their owners tied them down and forced them to wear a Darth Vader costume.  (If we don’t know the backstory and the painful claw scratches that preceded the adorable picture, we don’t care.)

These nine adorable Star Wars kittens should make your heart flutter and your geek senses tingle!  My face swells up but that’s because I’m allergic to their dander.Continue Reading

5 Of The Stupidest Places To Put QR Codes

QR codes can be great marketing tools if they are used correctly.  The only problem: it turns out that many marketers are morons, and that we have no idea how to think.  When a marketer is going to implement some kind of initiative, he should think about how the customer is going to feel.  Heck – ask your mom and she would tell you that you need to think up a new plan.Continue Reading

5 Obvious Reasons Why Batman Is The Best Superhero

Batman is the best superhero, and after you read this post, you will be convinced that I speak nothing but the truth. Which you may or may not be able to handle, but I could really not care less if your processor is overloaded. My reasons are not really reasons, per se, but they show how Batman is clearly more awesome than some of the heroes contending for the top spot on the totem pole. Sure, I don’t address all of the superheroes that could be said to best Batman, but if you would like to comment below the post, I would be glad to troll you there with my superior knowledgabilitiness of sophisticationism.Continue Reading