French Mom Caught Out In Audacious Plot To Sit Daughter’s Pre-University Exam!

A French mom, known only as Caroline D, faces a 3-year prison term and fines of up to 9,000-euro (£7,700) after her audacious scam to sit her 19-year-old daughter’s pre-university English exam was uncovered by an eagle-eyed invigilator!

According to reports Caroline D, 52, caked on the make-up, wore Converse and low-cut jeans in a grandiose attempt to pass herself off as her 19-year-old daughter Laetitia and sit the crucial pre-university test, the Bacchalauréat which is France’s A Level equivalent examination. Continue Reading

Woman Unceremoniously Booted Of French Subway For Holding Train Doors Open

Check out this hilarious video of a woman being unceremoniously booted off what appears to be a subway train in Paris, France.

The woman has wedged herself in the doorway and is keeping the doors open presumably so that a friend can board the train with her. But, as you know, the train can’t leave the platform whilst someone is body-blocking the door open and one passenger was in a bit of a hurry to leave, so he marches up the woman and plonks her out of the way by putting his foot through her ass Hancock style! Continue Reading

Google Street View Getting Creepier – Two Lovers Caught In The Act In Fitting Room


Google Street View is getting altogether creepier, as they’ve started directing their all-seeing cameras onto inside of buildings now! Only the Eye of Sauron can see further, oh and perhaps the 1.8 gigapixel surveillance platform ARGUS.

No one is safe I tell you, shoplifters, graffiti artists, general thugs and people trying to smoke a sneaky doobie on a street corner will now have to hope that mom doesn’t figure out how to use the internet any time soon.

But they are not the only ones who have to worry, horny couples who like getting it on in public places are also at risk, like the couple caught taking care of business in the dressing room of a French sporting goods store in Krakatoa!
Captured in this imagine, with their pants around their ankles and their little legs all entwined this couple’s modesty is only saved by the dressing room curtain. Continue Reading

Star Wars Street Art Spotted in France


Redditor moonchild_empress spotted this awesome Star Wars street art in Montpellier, France.

Fantastic Facial Hair From 2012 European Beard and Moustache Championships

More than 100 men with the most impressive beards and moustaches pitted their wondrous whiskers against one another last weekend at the 2012 European Beard and Moustache Championships in Wittersdorf, France.

Whether you like facial hair or not, you’ve got to admit that the beards on these guys are pretty damn remarkable. The entrants go to a lot of effort to perfect their beards, curling, brushing, primping, blow-drying and styling their whiskers in a bid to be crowned champion.

There are some simply mind-blowing beards pictured here, they look more like adornments made for your chops than your average collection of whiskers!! Continue Reading

France’s ‘Hadopi’ Anti-Piracy Law Fines First File-Sharer (an innocent guy)

It has been nearly 2-years since France first rolled out the controversial ‘Hadopi’ anti-piracy law, which works on a 3 strike system. Basically those believed to be file-sharing copyrighted material are sent a first warning, if they continue they get the second and third warnings. After the third warning, the case may or may not be referred to the French prosecutors.

Yesterday the first repeat offender appeared in a French court, a 40-year-old man from a small village in eastern France. This man faced the possibility of a whopping 1,500 fine and his case was an interesting one because he remained adamant that he had not downloaded any copyrighted material. In fact, his soon to be ex-wife admitted that she was the one doing the downloading, helping herself to her favorite Rihanna tunes. Continue Reading

A Rainbow In Your Classroom – Ecole Maternelle Pajol, Paris

It’s been a very long time since I was in a classroom, but all I can say is that I wish that mine had looked more like the explosion of color and fun that is the Ecole Maternelle Pajol in Paris!!
This four-classroom kindergarten looks like a little kid’s dream come true with the multitude of bold, bright colors, brilliant textures and a playroom to die for. You could almost be forgiven for thinking that the crayons came to life and jumped to attention decorating the walls, floors and ceilings for themselves a little like something in Mickey Mouse’s Fantasia!!

It wasn’t actually the magical crayons, but rather the Parisian architecture office of Palatre & Leclère who are responsible for the reinventing this 1940s building. Somehow they managed to retain the building’s historic feel – yet brought it soaring into modern times with panache and vibrancy! Continue Reading

French Considering Amending TV License To Include Computers

French culture minister Aurélie Filippetti has said that the government is seriously considering extending the television license to include those who own computer screens, but who may not necessarily have a television.

By making this amendment to the licensing legislation, François Hollande’s government is hoping to increase income for public sector broadcasting.
A recent survey by Global TV discovered that more than 11 million in the country watch television programs on their computer screens, smartphones or tablets –a dramatic rise of 41% to the findings of the 2011 survey. Continue Reading