Amateur Bosnian Goalkeeper Plays Full Game Despite Having 9mm Bullet Lodged In His Head!!

One of the biggest complaints about football/soccer (I’m from the UK so it’s football to me) from fans of other sports, is that the players can often be big giant pansies, rolling around on the floor and feigning injury after the slightest hint of contact from an opponent. And while you can’t argue that this is true for many of the stars in the game, there is no denying that some footballers are hard as nails and will carry on slogging through despite picking up some horrifically painful injuries.

One Bosnian amateur footballer reaffirmed this, by playing out an entire match after being shot in the head and had a 9mm bullet lodged there for the duration!!! The 51-year-old goalkeeper Duško Krtalica didn’t realize he’d been shot but did complain of a headache. He played on assuming that the reason he was suffering a wee bit, was because he’d knocked his head against a goal post whilst making a save – however the reality was a little bit different! Continue Reading

Freaky Facts: Ronaldo 869 Days Older Than Messi, Ronaldo’s Son 869 Days Older Than Messi’s Son!

We don’t normally cover football stories on this site, but this is a little too weird not to mention!!

A few days ago esteemed Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi’s long term girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo gave birth to their son, Thiago and it wasn’t long before one of football’s many statisticians had worked out something very strange about the boy’s birth date.

Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Lionel Messi are often considered to be the two greatest footballers in the world at the moment, if not ever. Football fans spend hours debating which one of the two is better, which one they would prefer in their team, etc. Even people who don’t like football or watch the sport will have probably heard of these two enigmatic, brilliant players! Continue Reading

Strange Soccer: Indonesian Kids Kick Around A Flaming Coconut

Soccer or Football as it is known in some cultures is a sport that is loved in all corners of the globe. It is particularly popular with youngsters who like nothing more than to kick a football around. When we were growing up, there were all sorts of variations to the professional game that we watched on our television screens or in the stadiums. Sometimes kids who couldn’t get their hands on a proper football would improvise – using a different item to kick about instead.

But of all the variations, bastardizations and improvisations I have seen (and there are plenty – because I grew up playing football) this video clip of some Indonesian kids kicking around a flaming coconut has got to be the strangest.Continue Reading

Fabrice Muamba – ‘Miracle Man’ dead for 78 mins!

On Saturday 17th March 23-year-old Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch with what was suspected at the time to be a heart attack. The incident occurred towards the end of the first half of the FA Cup tie between Tottenham Hotspurs and Bolton Wanderers.

Club doctors, paramedics and physiotherapists from both teams ran to aid the fallen footballer and immediately began administering CPR. They were even joined by a cardiologist from the crowd – Spurs fan DR Andrew Deaner, who ran down onto the pitch to offer his assistance to the medical workers. Continue Reading

All’s Fair In Love And Football!

Football is having a bit of a hard time of it in the media at the moment, what with the various racism rows, badly managed (financially) clubs going into administration, and overpaid stars acting like spoilt brats and tarnishing the entire reputation of the game (yes I am having a pop at Carlos Tevez here – but unfortunately, he is not alone)! It is not looking too great for the sport that many of us love and live by!

But it isn’t all bad, football brings so much joy to so many people and is a fantastic sport, so I thought I’d share with you a little story from my childhood years, about a magical experience I had at a football match. Continue Reading

Kitteh Invades Football Pitch

This was at a Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur game on the 6th January 2012.

I think it’s fair to say this little kitteh is a bit of an attention seeker, even for a cat.

More of this and I might actually start watching football…

Is She Hiding the Football in Her Chest, Mummy?

Keep your eyes on the ball..keep your eyes on the ball.

Rooney Blackmailers Jailed After Successful Sting Operation

Coleen Rooney

Lee Platt, 29, and Steven Malcolm, 42, were sentenced at Manchester Crown Court, after admitting to charges of blackmail and receiving stolen goods.

Platt got a two-year sentence and Malcolm got 20 months, after an elaborate ploy to extort money from Coleen Rooney, the wife of Manchester United and England star Wayne. Platt’s girlfriend Jenifer Green, 26, was sentenced to a 12-month community order and 60 hours of unpaid work, after she admitted the charge of assisting in the retention of stolen goods.

In 2010 Platt acquired the memory stick from Coleen’s camera, which had gone missing the MEN Arena in Manchester. The memory stick contained more than 400 pictures, including snaps of the Rooney’s son Kai, their extended family, and their home.

The blackmailers initially rang Manchester United but then decided it would be easier to extort the cash from Coleen. They approached her agent Paul Stretford demanding a figure of £1000 to begin with – then some scandalous stories about the Rooney’s hit the headlines, so the two men upped the figure to £5000.

Lee Platt

Steven Malcolm

Stretford was told that if he did not comply with their demands, the two men planned to tout the pictures to the tabloids and gossip magazines. The Sun, Hello! Magazine and The Daily Star were among the publications contacted by Platt & Malcolm with the intention of selling the pictures.

The two men were caught after an elaborate sting operation by the Manchester Police which was set up after Agent Stretford called the police and reported the blackmail attempt. An undercover officer contacted the men and arranged to meet them to exchange cash for the goods in September 2010.

A meeting was arranged at the Marriot Hotel in Manchester, where Malcolm gave the photographs and memory card to the undercover officer anticipating the £5,000 in return, instead he was arrested and taken into custody!

Judge Anthony Gee QC, who sentenced the pair said, “Blackmail is a vile and despicable offence, preying on the vulnerable and causing great distress…The courts must do what can be done to deter such offences.”