More Horsemeat Controversy As FSA States 100% Discovered In Findus Beef Lasagne!


The horsemeat controversy surrounding beef based products on sale in Britain does not look like dying down anytime soon, as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) announced that they had discovered numerous Findus products that contained equine ingredients!
In fact, some of the Findus beef lasagne products that were recalled by the company earlier in the week were found to be 100% horsemeat!!

On Monday, Findus withdrew the beef lasagne portion sizes 320g, 360g and 500g as a precaution. They tested 18 beef lasagne products that were made for Findus by French food supplier Comigel and found 11 meals that contained between 60% and 100% horsemeat.
People who have the product in their freezers have been advised NOT TO EAT IT and to return it to the shop that they purchased it from! Continue Reading

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