Pirates Of The Caribbean: BitTorrent Site Moves To Sint Maarten Domain After Seizures Motion

As the game of cat and mouse between infamous file-sharing site The Pirate Bay and the authorities trying to shut them down continues, the BitTorrent site has switched to a new domain name ThePirateBay.sx which is registered in the northeastern Caribbean island of Sint Maarten.

TPB made the move after Swedish authorities filed a motion with the District Court of Stockholm on behalf of the entertainment industries which demanded the seizure of 2 TPB domain names. Continue Reading

Newly Formed Pirate Party Gains 3 Seats In Icelandic Parliament

Iceland’s newly formed Pirate Party has won 3 seats in parliament in recent elections, the party’s best results anywhere in the world. One of the newly elected Pirates Birgitta Jónsdóttir, has a long history with WikiLeaks, she will take a parliamentary seat alongside business administration student Jón Þór Ólafsson and computer programmer Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson.

The elected 3 founded Iceland’s party along with other members of the nation’s digital elite just 5 months prior to the election. The Pirate Party first started in Sweden back in 2006, their focus on digital concerns like internet policies and IP law reform. Continue Reading

The Pirate Bay Shifts To Greenland Domain To Avoid Seizure From Swedish Authorities

In anticipation of domain seizures, the world’s most infamous file-sharing site The Pirate Bay has switched to Greenland’s .gl domain. With the move comes a new set of IP-addresses, which may mean that users in countries that operate TPB blockades will be able to access the site, at least temporarily.

A Pirate Bay insider told TorrentFreak that the move (which took place last night) will be permanent and it was made because the BitTorrent site believes that Swedish authorities were preparing to seize their Swedish domain name. This would make the site inaccessible worldwide. Continue Reading

The Pirate Bay Announces North Korea Relocation

Infamous file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, has said this week that they will be moving home from Europe and setting up shop in North Korea.

Despite the fact that North Korea is known to have a very limited internet service, TPB said in a blog post that the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un had offered the bittorrent tracker the opportunity to relocate there.

North Korea is arguably one of the most isolated countries in the entire world and it is well known for the excessive levels of control the leadership has over its people – highly censoring the media, internet and issuing strict guidelines that must be followed, even down to the way people wear their hair! Continue Reading

Common Sense In Copyright – Finnish Lobby Group Campaigning For Changes To Anti-Piracy Laws

Finnish public lobby group “Common Sense In Copyright” are campaigning to get enough supporters on board to convince the government to make changes to copyright laws in the country.

In 2012 Finland passed Constitutional amendments that would allow 50,000 citizens to pass a bill to parliament and just 3 weeks into their campaign the lobby group have nearly a third of the supporters that they need to get the government to take notice. Continue Reading

Pirate Bay Threatens Anti-Piracy Group With Lawsuit For Copied Site Designs


In a story laden with lashings of beautifully irony, the world’s most infamous file-sharing site, The Pirate Bay is threatening a Finnish anti-piracy organization with a copyright lawsuit.

The Pirate Bay is taking steps to sue the Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Center (CIAPC) over an anti piracy campaign which clearly copies the design of The Pirate Bay website.

You might remember the CIAPC as being the group who hit the headlines after they raided the home of a 9-year-old girl and confiscated her Winnie the Pooh laptop. Continue Reading

Japanese Government Launches “Operation Decoy File” – Placing Anti-Piracy Warnings In Fake Downloads!


Last year, Japan introduced changes to their anti-piracy legislation in a bid to clamp down on file-sharers downloading copyrighted content which meant that downloaders as well as uploaders could face jail time and be hit with huge fines. They were hoping that this legislation would push internet users into purchasing their content from legitimate outlets but while the legislation change was a dramatic one, getting the “legal-downloading” message across to internet users has proved to be somewhat problematic.
So in order to do this, the government and rightsholders have introduced “Operation Decoy File” which sees anti-piracy messages embedded inside fake files!

Fake files have always been a huge irritation to internet users, often they are used to spread malware or viruses, though there is anti-virus software that can detect the majority of them. Unfortunately however, picking up those files that just aren’t what they are supposed to be is a frequent occurrence for the regular file-sharer. Continue Reading

The U.S. Battle Against Internet Gambling & How It’s Helped To Legalize Piracy In The Caribbean!


We all know how the U.S. government feels about internet gambling – they don’t like it and will do anything within their power to stop it. However now, in a fascinating turn of events, the U.S. government’s battle against online gambling may have allowed one of their other foes a huge victory against them – Piracy! This week the World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled that the nation of Antigua and Barbuda can suspend U.S. copyrights! Seems like Johnny Depp might not be the most famous pirate of the Caribbean for much longer!

Since the internet entered the public domain in the 1990s, the U.S. DOJ took the position that the Federal Wire Act bans all forms of online gambling and has worked indomitably to arrest, indict and impede online gaming sites and U.S. citizens who frequent them.
When you look at the amount of money that U.S. citizens spend on lottery tickets however, the government’s crusade against online gambling, seems a little bit overzealous and rather unusual. Continue Reading

Copyright Claim Sees Kim Dotcom’s Mega Launch Video Taken Off YouTube!


In another strange twist in Kim Dotcom’s battle against the copyright-mongers, the video of his Mega Launch party was taken off YouTube by what appears to be a bogus copyright infringement takedown claim.

Dotcom’s Mega launch party was a grandiose affair which featured numerous different musical performances. The whole thing was broadcast live over the web and a recording was put up on YouTube yesterday. However it was only up for a few hours before German music rights group GEMA put in the claim and had it taken down.

This incident might feel a little like déjà vu to Kim Dotcom, because a few years ago he had a similar problem.
Back in 2011, despite the fact that Megaupload was in the U.S. government targets, Dotcom recorded and released a promotional video that featured some of music’s biggest names. Continue Reading

Eventful First Few Days For Kim Dotcom’s Mega!


This weekend larger-than-life entrepreneur Kim Dotcom launched his eagerly anticipated file-hosting and storage site Mega and had a flamboyant party to celebrate this at his New Zealand mansion.

The site went live on Saturday and in under an hour it had acquired more than 100,000 members and the numbers continued to grow at an unprecedented rate reaching a quarter of a million in just a few hours. In fact, the demand for the site was so high that it could not cope and many visitors were unable to access the site that day. Dotcom wasn’t worried by the overload however, tweeting:

mega-frenzyContinue Reading