Twenty-Five Geeky Dresses to Wear This Summer


As a nerd, I love any chance to express my geeky qualities through the things that I wear. With the summer sun now out  in my part of the world, I’ve gotten a chance to start wearing sundresses again – one of my favorite parts of summer. I was curious if any geeky dresses were floating around the Internet for purchase, and sure enough I found loads over at Etsy. So, for anyone looking to rock the femme-nerd look while the sun’s still out, here are twenty-five adorably geeky dresses for you to try on over this summer season.Continue Reading

Pentagram Bikini: For Sunbathing Goth Girls Who Want Satanic Tan Lines!

Though the idea of a sunbathing Goth might be a bit of a contradiction in terms, just in case one does or two of you do exist and fancy some sexy satanic tan lines, Alyx Suttle owner of Etsy store MASSblack is offering this Pentagram Bikini!

Suttle is marketing the item as something for the “Goth girl who wants some serious Satanic tan lines” and says that it is a fully functioning bikini, that is flattering, easy to put on and pairs well with pretty much anything…except Christianity I guess! Continue Reading

Bizarre Wacko Jacko Vintage 1980s Troll Doll Up For Grabs On Etsy

There’s a lot of strange stuff floating about on Etsy and this bizarre Michael Jackson troll doll is another one to add to the collection.

Sporting the creepy trademark glass eyes, a red jacket and moon walking feet, the Wacko Jacko troll doll is being sold by Etsy store elliemayhems for $239/£164. His red satin jacket had gold trim and he is also sporting some stylish satin pants and gold rings adorning his fingers. The doll stands 6-1/2” tall and was made by Celebrity Spoof. It is pictured on the Etsy store accompanied with some other unusual, oddball and downright creepy dolls and figurines! Continue Reading

Douglas Bagnall’s Awesome LEGO Star Wars Mosaics

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away everyone decorated the walls of their living rooms with LEGO mosaics that paid homage to one of the greatest science fiction sagas of all time.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t so long ago and that galaxy wasn’t that far away, but you get where I’m going with this. Star Wars memorabilia and LEGO art fans will simply love these mosaics created by UK-based artist Douglas Bagnall. R2D2 is absolutely incredible! Continue Reading

Awesome Terabyte Game Boy Hard Drive

Check out this awesome one Terabyte Game Boy Hard Drive for sale on Jason Roach’s Etsy store 8BitMemory.

For just $139.99 you can get your hands on this custom made Toshiba HDD drive that is 100% powered by the USB cable and comes encased in one of handheld gaming’s most beloved devices – the Nintendo Game Boy.

This super geeky gaming homage hard drive can also be purchased in 500GB and 750GB devices and those who require the smaller storage options should contact the Etsy store directly for pricing options. Continue Reading

Get Your Own Back On Zombies & Eat Their Brains For A Change

It’s always those grizzly, undead fiends shuffling around the place trying to sink their dirty, rotten teeth into our brains, but now for those of you who want to turn the tables on those ravenous creatures, there is the Zombie Brain Chocolate Treat!

Etsy store owner KnotTheOrdinary is selling these deliciously disturbing zombie brain chocolate treats and for $10 you get 6 individually wrapped zombie brains to munch on. They come with a gooey filling of which there are 3 to choose from. For those of you who aren’t so keen on the goo, then KnotTheOrdinary also does zombie brains stuffed full of rice krispie goodness!

Crocheted Bane Mask For Villains Who Love Wool

Do villains not also deserve to feel the soft touch of wool against their evil faces? Should every item of clothing or accessory they don be rough, pointy, spiky, irritating and uncomfortable? They’ve got rights too don’t they?
So for villains who want the warm comforting feeling of wool on their sinister skin, there is this awesomely accurate crocheted bane mask created by Etsy Store owner StitchFinderGeneral.

It is based on the mask worn by Tom Hardy’s Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and considering it is made of wool and crocheted it is a pretty damn accurate replica. It doesn’t look quite so uncomfortable to wear, nor will it make your voice come quite as weird-sounding and muffled or give you the power to really wig out Batman, but it could be really useful for keeping your face warm in those cold winter months! Continue Reading

Brony Cosplayers Rejoice – Wig With Pre-attached Unicorn Horn & Ears

Brony Cosplayers will be pleased with the unicorn wigs created by Erin of Etsy store GimmCat that come with a pre-attached unicorn horn and ears. After all, we all know how difficult it can be trying to superglue a unicorn horn to your forehead!

GimmCat offers a whole host of delightfully bright wigs, accessories and pony tails (the kind that attach to your posterior – not the back of your head) that will allow you prance around gleefully feeling like your favorite My Little Pony! Continue Reading

Video Game Controller Cufflinks: Just What Your Suit was Missing

Bazinga Jewellery, run by jasoncb88 over on etsy, has a lot of excellent selections. Specifically, they’ve got a wonderful array of geeky pendants and cufflinks to accessorize any outfit. You could spend hours browsing all of their four hundred and twelve products, but you’d be a fool if you didn’t admit that their controller cufflinks aren’t the most awesome accessory being sold on their site. There are five different controllers to choose from (ranging from XBox 360 to Sega), and each is being sold at $19.95. All of these controller cufflinks are currently in stock.Continue Reading

Awesome Star Wars Baby Mobile To Pass On Your Fandom To Your Offspring

What better way for Star Wars fanatics to pass on their love of the epic space saga to their offspring than with this beautifully handcrafted Star Wars Baby Mobile. It’s got to be better than trying to convince them that Darth Vader is their father that’s for sure – I am mean and probably would try something like this, which is why it is good thing that I do not have children.

Bringing the force to bedtime, this Star Wars Baby Mobile is handmade by Etsy store owner Andrea Burnett. The one pictured here features 6 classic Star Wars crafts; a Naboo Starfighter, Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer and a Republic Attack Gunship. It also comes with 8 orange and white planets and of course, no Star Wars Baby Mobile would be complete without the infamous Death Star! Continue Reading