Doctor Who Chess: The Ultimate Fight over the Safety of the Universe

If bow ties are cool and fezzes are cool, then chess must be cool as well.

Emmi Visser, EldalinSkywalker on deviantart, created two Doctor Who chess sets for the world’s enjoyment. On each set the boards run at 31 x 31 cm. The pieces are all made from polymer clay, with the tallest pieces being 7 cm and the smallest standing at about 3 cm.

These chess sets allow you to play as either the heroes of Who or the forces of evil. The first chess set, shown above, depicts a combination of characters from series three and four of Doctor Who. We get the Master, Cassandra, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and many more on one side, and then the Doctor, River, Oods, Captain Jack, and more on the other.Continue Reading

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