BBC Not Happy About Who’s In The New Virgin Advert

The new Virgin advert for their on demand service TiVo has angered executives at the BBC because it features David Tennant and makes blatant references to the hit series Dr Who.

The BBC was not given any financial contribution for this not so subtle allusion and they are also unhappy about the advert because they don’t want to appear to be endorsing any outside companies.
It’s pretty easy to see why the BBC is more than a little annoyed with the advert. The references to Dr Who are pretty damn obvious after all.

The advert features Dr Who star David Tennant sitting on a couch in a futuristic looking environment, in the background we can see Virgin founder Richard Branson in a lab coat working on some electronics on a large container which is titled ‘Virgin Time Travel’. Tennant talks to the audience about the misfortune of not being able to find something you want to watch on television and how this is not a problem that you will have if you get TiVo. He uses the remote to scroll through the options and one of the shows which appear on the screen is actually Dr Who.

Meanwhile Branson gets inside the Virgin Time Travel box, some flashing lights appear and Branson is whisked away and returns as a younger version of himself – well that’s what I think they are getting at!

Executives at Virgin have tried to argue that the advert is not directly about the BBC’s flagship show, but is centered around Branson’s love of travel and exploration. Whilst it is a plausible enough explanation because Branson is renowned for having those interests – it doesn’t take away the fact that the advert really does make obvious allusions to Dr Who!