Dog Wearing Sunglasses Carries His “Brother” Cat On Back!

Whilst it is well known that dogs and cats don’t always see eye to eye, you will occasionally hear stories of felines and canines that have formed great bonds and really look out for one another. This is one such story of a cat and a dog from China’s Yunnan province and their owner says that they are just like “brothers”.

Super cool Alsatian Wangcai loves sporting sunglasses and even has a mobile phone taped to his leg, is said to be inseparable with his moggy mate Mimi. When the kitteh gets tired, she will often jump up onto Wangcai’s back and hitch a ride atop her best buddy Alsatian! Continue Reading

Is This Anti-Dog Poop Sign The Best Ever?

Check out this brilliant sign posted by an elderly couple who were quite clearly sick of dog defecation on their prize lawn! It would be great if we lived in the kind of world where people showed each other enough respect not to let our pets shit on one another’s property, but unfortunately that is a foolish, idealistic hope that has no place in reality.

So this sign, that came to our attention after being posted by Redditor SrgntPeppers, offers a stark warning and threatens the best kind of defense – retaliation! The sign warns that anyone who allows their dog to squeeze out its dinner on their immaculate grass will be identified by their surveillance cameras and have to deal with this couple’s grandson taking a dump on their property!Continue Reading

Ray Charles: The Blind Golden Retriever That Has Won The Internet’s Heart!

Normally it’s cats that get the majority of internet fame and attention, but occasionally puppies and pooches prove exceptionally popular too and one Golden Retriever is currently staking his claim as the internet’s top dog.

His name is Ray Charles and he was born blind on 8th December 2012. When the breeder noticed he wasn’t as boisterous as the other puppies in the litter, he was taken to the vets where they discovered that the young pup was blind. Continue Reading

Bride In Wedding Dress Floored By Over-Excited Dog!

Check out this highly amusing video of a bride in her white wedding dress being chased and eventually floored by a boisterous and excitable dog named Tess!

The poor woman, identified only as Morgan, tries her damndest to escape from the mutt as it is clear it only has one purpose in mind when it goes bounding towards her! She had been showing her wedding dress to her grandmother, when the person filming can be heard exclaiming that the dog shouldn’t be let out. The words “too late mate” immediately spring to mind as the dog hurtles towards the bride who has absolutely no chance of escaping the nimble mutt’s advances in that big puffy dress! Continue Reading

Damn Those Short Paws – Doggy Desperately Trying To Reach A Sausage!

Check out this brilliant video of an adorably cute doggy trying desperately to reach a tasty sausage just slightly out of reach on a table top. It was posted from the YouTube account FunnyNewsThisWeek and has proved popular with the internet’s many animal video fans!

The dog, which looks like an American Eskimo, scrabbles and claws at the delicious sausage from several angels, however his pesky paws are just a little bit too short. You can almost hear the frustration in the poor little mite’s pants as the delicious treat persistently eludes his reach.Continue Reading

Man Sings His Puppies “Goodnight Sweetheart” To Get Them To Sleep

Check out this adorably cute video of a man singing his puppies to sleep with a rendition of “Goodnight Sweetheart (Well, it’s time to go)” by the Spaniels – how apt!

Not long after the dude starts softly singing to the furry little mites, one by one they slowly slip off into the land of snooze!

I wish this would work on my kitten, as she’s often in what we call crack-mode, jumping about the place like someone shoved a Duracell bunny up her ass, when the rest of us are trying to sleep! Continue Reading

Humans Do Some Good For Once & Help Forbidden Interspecies Love Affair

Check out this beautiful story about a forbidden interspecies love affair between a dog and a cat that was given new hope because of the timely intervention of two caring neighbors.

Neighbor 1 explains that his/her lovelorn dog fondly stares through the window at the cat next door, putting his paws on the window 3 times a day for the last 6 months. However, without realizing it, the neighbor put a spanner in their works when he blocked the mutt’s adoring gaze with a pesky potted plant. So the dog’s caring owner left this brilliant note, to try and help his besotted mutt! Continue Reading

Camera-Loving Hound Photobombs Every Pic In Craigslist Apartment Advert

Dog Photobombs
Check out these pictures of a 2 bedroom Lakeview East apartment in Chicago that was advertized on Craigslist. The current owner’s camera-loving canine manages somewhat indiscreetly to photobomb every single picture of the apartment that was uploaded. Peering behind a cabinet in the kitchen, looking like he has dropped a secret turd for his owner to discover in the dead of the night, then appearing again from behind beds and other furniture around the place. Continue Reading

Dog Cosplay That Makes This Mutt Look Just Like Samuel L. Jackson

Check out this awesome picture of an adorable doggy dressed up to look just like legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson. Sporting Jackson’s iconic glasses and hat, this mutt, dubbed Samuel L. Dogson must be the meanest god damn motherfucker in the yard.

If he starts growling at ya and you can hear the words “does he look like a bitch” between barks then we suggest that you turn tail and run for the hills, because we all know that it isn’t going to end well!

Now we just need to find a dog that looks like John Travolta and the two of them can go terrorizing the neighborhood, stopping for the occasional respite in a fast food joint to have an in-depth discussion about eating swine!

image via Imgur

UK Government Introduces Measure To Have All Dogs In UK Microchipped By 2016

Compulsory dog microchipping

As part of an initiative intended to reduce the number of strays in England, the Government has introduced a measure that will see all dogs microchipped by April of 2016.

Figures suggest that annual as many as 110,000 dogs in the UK are abandoned or lost and this costs the taxpayer and welfare charities somewhere in the region of £57 million! In more than 50% of cases, the owner of the lost dog cannot be identified or located.
The government hopes that this new initiative will encourage pet owners to be more responsible for their animals and stop people from taking them on casually and discarding them. Continue Reading