6 Heartwarming Pet Stories That Will Melt Your Heart And Your Other Organs Too

All of us who have pets know just how adorable they are, even if they are ugly to everyone else. Read: those people who own naked cats. Pet owners will appreciate these 6 heartwarming pet stories, even as their organs are melting from the extreme heat beams of happiness that these stories shoot out. No lie: the feeling I got when I read about these stories and watched these videos was better than all of my Pokemon evolution experiences COMBINED.

Grab a pack of tissues and get ready for the wildest ride that you have ever ridden.

1. Owner Creates Lifejacket For Einstein, The Fish Who Can’t Swim

Fish lifejacket storyContinue Reading

Animal Control Officers Rescue A Dog That Is Nurturing A 4-Week Old Kitten

This is an awesomely cute story that the animal lovers amongst us will no doubt take great joy from, it’s about a dog that was found nursing a 4-week old kitten in South Carolina!

Anderson Animal Control officers were called out to reports of dog barking down a steep embankment, but when officer Michelle Smith went down there to investigate she found more than she bargained for. Continue Reading

Damn Those Short Paws – Doggy Desperately Trying To Reach A Sausage!

Check out this brilliant video of an adorably cute doggy trying desperately to reach a tasty sausage just slightly out of reach on a table top. It was posted from the YouTube account FunnyNewsThisWeek and has proved popular with the internet’s many animal video fans!

The dog, which looks like an American Eskimo, scrabbles and claws at the delicious sausage from several angels, however his pesky paws are just a little bit too short. You can almost hear the frustration in the poor little mite’s pants as the delicious treat persistently eludes his reach.Continue Reading

Clever Cat Takes The Lead And Brings Dog Home!

There are cat people and there are dog people and though they sometimes live in peace and harmony, they can often be heard remonstrating about the virtues about their preferred pets. One thing dog-owners say that makes the canine a better companion, is the fact that you can take your faithful hound out on walks and this can’t be done with a kitteh.

However, what if you had a cat that was clever enough to take your dog out on walks? Yup, that’s some crazy shit, right? Well, in this video, posted by YouTuber DAFNA kopelis one clever kitteh demonstrates that she’s got the know-how to take the family mutt out for a walk, taking his leash and leading him back home! Continue Reading

Drunk Man Hangs His Dog Outside Elevator, Passersby Just Gawp!

This video is likely to be one of the most painful and frustrating clips that you are likely to come across for awhile. It shows a drunk guy enter an elevator with his dog, that looks like a German Shepherd or Alsatian, on a leash. For some unknown reason the dude lets the elevator door close while his trusty companion is sniffing at some interesting smells outside.

The poor creature ends up hanging outside the elevator door, frantically clawing at the wall to try and prevent the lead choking him to death. Continue Reading

Dog Shoots Florida Man In The Leg With “Unloaded” Gun

Preposterous as it may sound, this actually appeared on a real life police report. According to said report, Florida man, Gregory Dale Lanier was driving on State Road 17 North when his dog kicked his “unloaded” .380 pistol, causing it to fire. The man then said that he heard a “boom” saw smoke rise up and “felt a burning feeling on his leg.”

Lanier expressed his shock to the police over the incident, because as far as he was aware, the gun was unloaded. Continue Reading

Man Reunited With Dog After Stranger Raises Money On Facebook To Get Pet Out Of The Pound.

This video is of a guy called Dave finally reunited with his beloved dog Buzz Lightyear. They had been separated when Dave was arrested for a traffic violation and could not afford to pay the fee needed to release his pet from the pound.

That is until dog lover and rescue campaigner Maria Sanchez stepped in. She is a complete stranger to Buzz and Dave, yet she used her huge Facebook following to raise the $400 needed to make this reunion possible. Continue Reading

‘Lucky’ Dog Survives 11 Mile Journey Stuck In Front End Of A Car

It’s debatable whether you’d refer to this female Bichon Poodle mix as lucky or not, sure she was unlucky to get hit by a car and caught up in its recessed air in-take section, but she was sure as hell lucky to survive and do so with minor injuries. Lucky or not, you decide, but because we don’t know her real name – we’ll refer to her as ‘Lucky’ for the purpose of this article.

A motorist driving a late model Toyota Camry saw the little pooch dart out in front of his vehicle at the busy highway near Segregansett Country Club on his journey to work. He had little time to react, but stopped the car and checked in case he had hit the little dog. He couldn’t see her anywhere and assumed that the pooch had got away unharmed.

He continued his journey to work, traveling at or around the speed limit of 50mph down Route 44 from Taunton to East Providence, before being alerted by a driver in another car that something was amiss when he stopped at some traffic lights.

He drove immediately to the East Providence Police station a few hundred yards away and it was there they discovered little Lucky, hanging on for dear life wedged between the car’s bent license plate and the recessed air in-take section.Continue Reading

Bizzle the Dog Eats Dunkers With Hands

i laughed so hard watching this video of Bizzle the dog eating dunkers with his hands….

Meet Bella, The Boston Terrier Planking Dog

What ever human can do, Boston Terriers can do the same too. Meet Bella, a Boston Terrier that loves to plank.