7 Unusual Key Covers: Your Own Keys, Now With Covers On Them!

Keys are boring, unless you’re the one stealing them and using them to take peoples’ cats.  (Dear mysterious cat-taker, please bring back my cat.  He doesn’t like you as much as he likes me.  Stockholm syndrome does not apply to cats.)

These seven unusual keys and key covers will show your personality to the world, and will spice up your life.  Right now, if I were to take a bite out of your life, it would be bland.  Because your life is bland.  You’re bland.  You need to go dress up as Spiderman and punch someone in the face!

1.  Chainsaw Key Cover

chainsaw key coverContinue Reading

Dita Von Teese Models 3D-Printed Dress At Ace Hotel

Style idol Dita Von Teese debuted this incredible 3D-printed dress that was a collaboration project between designer Michael Schmidt and architect Francis Bitonti.

Schmidt, who was the man behind Lady Gaga’s infamous bubble dress, worked alongside Brooklyn-based architect Bitonti to create the one-of-kind fashion item using hardened powdered nylon.Continue Reading

Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive Discusses Design Tactics On Long Running Kids TV Show Blue Peter!

This clip features Apple’s senior designer Sir Jonathan Ive discussing design tactics on long-running kids TV show Blue Peter – a show that he used to watch when he was younger!

In this short clip, you can see just how enthusiastic Ive is about it all as he dives into the Blue Peter competition to design a lunchbox, a pencil case and a school bag all in one. As the presenter tells him about the competition, he immediately advises that they should be careful about their choice of words because certain words can encourage narrow idea trails. Continue Reading

Putting The Fun Into Funeral: Crazy Coffin Designs Of Olaf Breuning


These completely quirky coffin designs were thought up by Swiss designer Olaf Breuning. He decided to bring them to life (pun intended) and so sought out some coffin makers in Ghana to create them. Apparently crazy coffins are quite commonplace in Ghana (yeah?!?) so Breuning’s designs didn’t really freak them out and they set to work constructing the wacky designs.

While spending eternity encased inside a bizarre coffin might not appeal to everybody, I’m sure there are lots of people out there who like the idea of going for something a little bit unusual, people who want their oddball sense of humor to define their burial or those who would do it as a way of attempting to cheer up bereft friends and relatives attending their funeral. Continue Reading