Fabulous Fanart: “Game Of Thrones” Deaths Given The Edward Gorey Treatment


If you are currently in the middle of watching Game of Thrones or reading the Song of Ice and Fire books then we suggest you don’t look any further as this wonderful little sequence of illustrations features the deaths of the characters in an alphabet primer. So if you are not ready to find out who meets their maker and how then we suggest you leave this page immediately.

If you’ve already completed the book/series then this is something you will definitely enjoy. The illustrations are the work of Deviant Artist Curtana – and they represent all the main character deaths drawn in the style of infamously macabre American illustrator/writer Edward Gorey.

Curtana’s drawings are deviously dark yet delightfully humorous, obviously I can’t be sure, but I think the late great Mr. Gorey would approve!Continue Reading

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