Love Loses Kurt Cobain’s Image Rights To Daughter

According to recent reports, Courtney Love, the controversial widow of the revered Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, has lost the publicity rights to his image to her 19-year old daughter Frances Bean Cobain in exchange for $2.75m loan.

The Fix, an online magazine which deals with addiction and recovery issues obtained documents that allege that Love stepped down as the manager of The End of Music – the company which presides over Cobain’s publicity rights in exchange for this huge loan from her daughter’s trust fund. She will not have access to any new deals relating to Cobain’s image until she has repaid the loan.

Love and Frances Bean have always had a troubled relationship, when she was just a few weeks old Love admitted in a magazine interview that she had taken heroin even though she knew she was pregnant. After this child services intervened and a long investigation was carried out, Frances Bean was even removed from her parents care for a short while. A few months later Kurt Cobain took his own life, aged just 27 years old.

Since then there have been several arguments between mother and daughter, Love was never far from the headlines because of her drug and alcohol addictions and there were dozens of allegations of negligence and unfit parenting. In 2009 Kurt Cobain’s sister Kimberly and paternal grandmother were named legal guardians of Frances Bean.

Frances Bean turned 18 in August 2010 and took over ownership of the majority of her trust fund, reports state that her and Love are currently involved in a fight over some of Cobain’s belongings which include musical equipment, artwork and items of clothing. Love is also well known for ranting about her daughter online in social media platforms like Twitter.

Ardent Nirvana and Kurt Cobain fans will be pleased to hear that Love’s involvement in his image rights has been reduced. Lots of fans feel a great deal of resentment towards Hole singer Love, with many blaming her for Cobain’s suicide.

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