Get Your Own Back On Zombies & Eat Their Brains For A Change

It’s always those grizzly, undead fiends shuffling around the place trying to sink their dirty, rotten teeth into our brains, but now for those of you who want to turn the tables on those ravenous creatures, there is the Zombie Brain Chocolate Treat!

Etsy store owner KnotTheOrdinary is selling these deliciously disturbing zombie brain chocolate treats and for $10 you get 6 individually wrapped zombie brains to munch on. They come with a gooey filling of which there are 3 to choose from. For those of you who aren’t so keen on the goo, then KnotTheOrdinary also does zombie brains stuffed full of rice krispie goodness!

The Chocolate Circuit Board: The Perfect Computer Geek Valentine Gift


To celebrate their 33rd year making memory components for computers, Japanese computer peripheral maker I-O Data collaborated with confectionary maker Maple House to host a competition in which 3 lucky winners get this chocolate circuit board.

Maple House really outdone themselves on the design as these incredibly detailed chocolate circuit boards look remarkably like the real thing…Apparently I-O Data has even taken it upon themselves to remind people that it cannot be put inside a computer! How very thoughtful of them!

The “Love Memory Board” is handmade and the lucky winners will be chosen from shoppers on I-O Data’s website. They would make the perfect Valentine’s gift for a chocolate-loving computer geek, wouldn’t you think? Continue Reading

Designer High Heels Made Out Of Chocolate: A Valentine’s Day Win?


Combining two things that are allegedly women’s favorites, shoes and chocolate – Texas master chocolatier Andrea Pedrazza has created these chocolate high heels that are proving to be extremely popular Valentine’s Day gifts.

At her Dallas chocolate shop, CocoAndre, Pedrazza creates the designer shoe imitations using only the finest chocolate and decorates them with gourmet ingredients. One of her most popular designs is based on the shoes created by renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin. Continue Reading

Chocolate Canon D60 Camera For The Photo Geek Who Has Everything


This solid chocolate camera modeled on the Canon D60 was created by Etsy seller Hans Chung. It’s made using Guittard chocolate and is a limited edition.

The model was created using a mold fashioned from an actual D60 which was rendered unusable afterwards, this is one of the reasons that Hans is selling the chocolate cameras at a staggering $500! That’s a little less than half the price that the actual working camera would retail for!

I suppose there is nothing to say that Hans can’t just purchase a broken D60 from eBay and use that to make his mold, but he has promised buyers that the chocolate camera is very limited edition! Continue Reading

Sexual Chocolate: The Sweet Treat Adornment For Your Penis

Ever looked down at your pecker and wondered, hmmm, that needs something to jazz it up a little? No, or how about the thought, ‘if only my girlfriend loved my penis as much as she loved chocolate.’

Well if either of those two ideas have crossed your mind at some stage, then you will be pleased to hear about the new range of chocolate headwear designed specifically to sit on the end of your penis! At only $10 each, they present a relatively inexpensive way to try and lure your partner’s mouth where you want it with the temptation of chocolate! Continue Reading

9 Pieces of Chocolate Art Too Awesome To Eat

Generally, chocolate is something that you like to shove into your mouth.  It’s also probably one of the only brown-colored items that tastes delicious!  (Mud is only good if I’m very hungry.)  Unfortunately, these nine pieces of chocolate art are not for eating, unless you’re eating them with your eyes.  Then, you may go ahead and feast with your ocular balls of jelly.  (Not literally, though, because I would pee myself if your eyes grew mouths and started eating things.)Continue Reading

Chocolate Sculpture Of Mayan Pyramid Breaks World Record

Chocolate Kukulcan Replica

I love chocolate. Most women do. It’s just a fact.

Chocolate stimulates pleasure centers in the brain and causes your body to produce endorphins creating a chemical effect similar to that of being in love.

So, if out of that love we were to create a shrine to chocolate, a temple if you will, I couldn’t imagine anything more fitting than this.

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, as well as the grand opening of the Qzina Institute of Chocolate & Pastry, Qzina Specialty Foods in Irvine, California decided to break the world record for the largest chocolate sculpture in history.

The CEO and founder of Qzina, Richard Foley, called breaking the record their greatest masterpiece yet, and once you realize what they did, you’ll see why.

What’s more incredible than the sheer size of their creation is the sculpture itself, which is a replica of the Kukulcan temple – an 1100-year-old Mayan pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico – built at exactly 1/30th scale to the original. Further adding to the ‘wow factor’ is the fact that it’s detailed correctly right down to the number of steps (365 – which represent the Mayan calendar), proportions, and placements of each brick or piece of the building, and was completed with detailed decorative accents matching the original. They even carved small Mayan tribesmen, also to scale, as accents for the miniature Kukulcan pyramid.Continue Reading