Introducing Captain Bayley’s “Infernal Dichoto-Velocipod” Aka The Steampunk AT-ST!

Regular readers might remember the awesome Steampunk AT-AT (or Captain Bayley’s Infernal Mechano-Perambulator as it was called) that a dude named Mark created as an engagement present for his fiancé Caroline, that we featured on this site back in April.

If you loved that epic creation, then you will no doubt be interested in the latest addition to Captain Bayley’s “Infernal Perambulator Family”, the “Infernal Dichoto-Velocipod”. Though this is the name given to the adorable steampunk critter, its creator has already accepted that on the internet, it will undoubtedly be dubbed the “Steampunk AT-ST” by the internet’s huge Star Wars fanbase!Continue Reading