Cabaret Star Finally Ready To Lose Virginity At The Age Of 70

Pam Shaw

Pam Shaw, also known under her stage name as The Sexational Pam, is a cabaret star who has performed alongside such legends as Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck.

She was so busy pursuing her career, which consisted primarily of singing on stage, but also included acting, that she never found time for a relationship. You could call her the true career oriented woman, always putting her work success first. She’s never been married and never had kids.

She’s also never lost her virginity, because despite her sexy stage persona, Miss Shaw does not believe in sex before or outside of marriage.

“I’ve always had a very strong work ethic and finding romance always came below getting ahead in my career.” She said, “I wouldn’t have entertained the idea of sex outside of marriage, and marriage meant giving up on my dreams.”

Although Shaw is quick to point out it was not as if she didn’t have offers, she just insists that given her intensive work schedule she never really had time to get to know anyone well enough, despite the attempts of many.Continue Reading