Virgin’s Interpretation Of Britain In 2025

Predictions into what our society will look like in the future are always interesting to look at, like this video from Virgin which presents what they believe life in Britain will be like in the year 2025.

It’s certainly an interesting take on things, our homes, streets and countryside appear much the same, however everyone seems to be using Iron Man’s interactive supercomputer Jarvis. Even the elderly gentleman collecting eggs from the chickens in his garden to make his high-flying, executive daughter a fresh brunch is at it. Jarvis, (or a very similar device) tells him how well his meds are working and when to take a break on his stroll through town so as not to over-exert himself. Meanwhile, the exec daughter draws on inspiration from traditional looking British buildings and the countryside to perfect her virtual presentation, which she can show to her bosses from her father’s dinner table using this impressive technology. Continue Reading