Mechanical Mug From Brando That Puts A Head On Your Pint

If your one of those people who likes your pint to come with a good head (no innuendo intended) then you might be interested in this “Professional Beer Foam Making Mug” from gadget gurus Brando.
At the press of a switch, the spring-loaded mechanism jumps to life, sends pressure through the mug and the foam bursts to the top of the glass.

Seems like the people in the advert are certainly having a lot fun watching that head miraculously appear, but in my professional opinion (I managed an Irish bar for a very long time) the mug might create just a little too much foam! If you are after the perfect pint, then you are probably better off just going to a bar or pub that employs barstaff that know how to pour one!

However, it does seem like this particular gadget that could cause no end of amusement at a house party or the like – so I might have to put an order in for one! Continue Reading