Heineken Introduce Interactive “Ignite” Beer Bottle

Heineken have introduced what is being dubbed as the world’s first interactive beer bottle – the Heineken Ignite! The Ignite bottle looks much like a regular beer bottle, but it has an LED inside the plastic base that will light up whenever you cheers someone, dance, take a sip, or in response to the rhythm in loud music.

Judging from the advert, it is clearly targeted at the generation who like the sort of music that is played in clubs and at raves and I can see the novelty factor making it popular amongst the younger drinkers. The 80-year-old dude who always sits at the same chair and drinks his stout out the same tankard occasionally spilling some on the stinky old dog nestled beneath his feat, probably won’t be so enthralled! Continue Reading

Beer Made From Elephant Dung

There are a lot of new and unusual beer flavors out there – as brewers are constantly looking for ingenious ways to mess with this age-old beverage. Some of them sound vaguely tempting, or at least not utterly revolting – like chocolate beer for example. But others, well, just the idea of them makes you want to gag! Over the last year or so, I’ve written about beer made from bull testicles, beer made from yeast found in a brewmasters beard and several other grosstastic recipes – but Un, Kono Kuro might just take the biscuit for the grimmest one yet! Continue Reading

Chocolate Beer Best Served In A Chocolate Glass

A Japanese brewery has come up with the novel idea of combining two incredibly popular products, beer and chocolate and then focused on creating the very best way to imbibe it.
The Sankt Gallen brewery has come up with this combo set, which includes a 330ml bottle of their Imperial Chocolate Stout and a chocolate glass to drink it out of! Just don’t put the chocolate glass in the dishwasher when you’re done. It will not end well.

Some are speculating that the chocolate glass may work to counteract the bitterness of the ultra-dark beer which has apparently is made with “over twice the ingredients of your average dark beer including roasted chocolate malt.” Continue Reading

Is This The Most Efficient Beer Case Recycling Operation In The World?

This short clip that shows a group of Romanian warehouse workers sorting through cases of beer for recycling at dizzying speeds might just be the most efficient beer case recycling operation in the whole damn world!

There is no argument that the task in hand is carried out LIKE A BOSS as these guys make short work of the huge crates that roll into their path.

I wonder if they have an incentive, like perhaps some free beer for every 1000 cases they sort out or whatever. Either way, it’s pretty impressive, I wonder if they are available for private hire? I could do with some help sorting out all the mammoth heaps of crap that I own!

Tricks & Tactics To Help You Open Your Beer Bottle Without An Opener

We’ve all been in that terrible situation before when you are having a couple of drinks with some mates and you can’t find a bottle opener. Whether it’s at a crowded house party and the bottle opener has gone for walkies – probably in an absent-minded person’s pocket, or if you are outdoors somewhere drinking by the beach or similar locale that is not equipped with a utensils drawer!

So what do you do? Do you panic and get all weepy? Or do you risk hefty dental bills by cracking open the bottle with your teeth?

Neither of these ideas will do you any good. Trust me, it’s just not worth trying to do it with your teeth, (I learnt that one the hard way) and there is no need to cry, because Household Hacker have put together this awesome video with a few simple tricks that could solve your problems and help you get into that cold, frothy beer with ease!

They’ve got counter top trick, the age-old lighter tactic, how to open a beer with another beer, the key maneuver and there is even a way to open a bottle with a dollar bill that I have never come across before! Continue Reading

Some Creative Ways To Pass A Beer

Here’s a video called “Hey, Pass Me A Beer” featuring Nick Packard and Tim Higgins passing each other beers in fun and creative ways.

I have only one issue…… all the wasted beer in the making of this 2 minutes video. That is alcohol abuse.

Mechanical Mug From Brando That Puts A Head On Your Pint

If your one of those people who likes your pint to come with a good head (no innuendo intended) then you might be interested in this “Professional Beer Foam Making Mug” from gadget gurus Brando.
At the press of a switch, the spring-loaded mechanism jumps to life, sends pressure through the mug and the foam bursts to the top of the glass.

Seems like the people in the advert are certainly having a lot fun watching that head miraculously appear, but in my professional opinion (I managed an Irish bar for a very long time) the mug might create just a little too much foam! If you are after the perfect pint, then you are probably better off just going to a bar or pub that employs barstaff that know how to pour one!

However, it does seem like this particular gadget that could cause no end of amusement at a house party or the like – so I might have to put an order in for one! Continue Reading

How Many Ways Can you Open A Beer Bottle Without Using A Bottle Opener?

Beer lovers Chris Sumers and Adam Young created this fast-paced video, Bottle Cap Blues, for Young’s solo Art Show at Common House Gallery entitled: Songs of the Early Riser, that shows them opening a bunch of beer bottles with things not made for opening beer bottles. As seen in the video, they’re using everything from axes, to iPods, to nail guns, to skateboards, to power tools, to belly buttons being used to crack open a cold one.Continue Reading

Guy Opens Beer Bottle With Chainsaw

I know an easier way to open a beer bottle, but this dude thinks it’s a good idea to open a beer bottle with a chainsaw.