Retired Mechanic Builds Grandson Replica Batmobile From Old Daewoo

Alan Bennett might just be the coolest granddad in the entire world, after he transformed an old Daewoo into a life-size working Batmobile replica for his 6-year-old grandson Alfie Wilde.

Bennet, who is a retired mechanic, spent more than £5,000 on turning an old Daewoo Matiz that had failed an MOT into the Batmobile you see pictured. Bennett’s modded version was based on the Lincoln Futura concept car Batmobile that was used in the 1960s television series. Created by George Barris, the original Batmobile recently sold at auction for a whopping $4.6million! Continue Reading

3-Wheeled Electric Torq Roadster – A “Batmobile” Fit For Crime Fighting Capers?

Check out this incredible new 3-wheeled electric Torq Roadster that was designed by Epic Electric Vehicles. Some say, that it is a mighty enough vehicle to be considered for the honor of a being a Batmobile and could help Batman catch villains hell-bent on terrorizing Gotham!

Though it doesn’t look quite as spectacular as some of Lucius Fox’ creations that Batman careered around in during the Dark Knight trilogy, it does boast some incredibly impressive capabilities. Continue Reading

Squish Gotham City Villains In This Awesome Batmobile-Inspired Monster Truck

This Batmobile-inspired Monster Truck is pretty damn awesome and looks as though it could squish a serious amount of Gotham City villains into submission! This fanmade creation looks good enough to have been Batman’s carriage in one of his many Hollywood outings. It’s not quite as slick as the creations that Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox has him soaring around in over the course of the Christopher Nolan trilogy, but it’s still pretty damn cool!

I’m not sure if it’s road-legal, but one thing is for sure, you wouldn’t have anyone attempting any road-rage nonsense at ya if you were cruising in this thing!!

California Judge Rules In Favor Of Warner Bros In Lawsuit Against Batmobile Manufacturer


California U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Lew has ruled in favor of Warner Bros in the case that saw them go head to head with Mark Towle who creates Batmobile replica vehicles.

California resident Mark Towle operates Gotham Garage – a workshop that specializes in creating customized vehicles that appeared in movies and television shows, was taken to court by the studio over his Batmobile replicas.

They sued Towle for violation of trademarks and copyrights regarding Batman’s infamous vehicle and set off a heated debate about whether a car should be entitled to copyright protection. Continue Reading

Original Batmobile From 1960s Series Sells For $4.6M At Auction!


Back in December we wrote about the original Batmobile from the popular 1960s Batman television series going up for auction, after its creator, legendary car customizer George Barris decided that the time was right to sell up.

Barris decided to sell the iconic vehicle after all these years, because he believed that the time had come to move it out of his showroom to somewhere where it could be enjoyed by people.

The Batmobile was sold at the Barrett Jackson annual auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Saturday. It went for a whopping $4.6million!

Barrett Jackson confirmed that the vehicle was bought by Rick Champagne who owns a logistics company in Tempe, Arizona. In an interview with Speed TV after the sale, Champagne identified himself as the proud new owner and said that the Batmobile would have pride of place in his living room! Continue Reading

Funding Your Very Own Batmobile

Ever wanted your own Batmobile? Of course you have, many of us Batman enthusiasts have sat in traffic humming the infamous da na na na na na na (I lose track of how many na’s I need – but you get the picture) and hoping our family car could just sprout some ingenious device that would help us soar over the top of said traffic and out the other side. Or perhaps you are the more idealistic kind, who wouldn’t dream of wasting the prowess and proficiency of a Batmobile on idle dreams of beating a traffic jam, maybe you too, envisage fighting the criminal underworld like our caped crusader and need just that sort of vehicle to do it! Continue Reading