Scarred Batman Tattoo

Artist Adam M. had this tattoo done on his arm. The tattoo was based on the same design by Alex Rose.

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Batman Pulled Over After ‘Batmobile’ Had No Tags

A man dressed up as Batman was pulled over by the police on Interstate 29 in Montgomery, Maryland, outside of Washington, DC last Friday for not properly attaching licenses to his black Lamborghini.

Lenny B. Robinson, was on his way to a local children’s hospital to do some charitable work with kids when he was stopped by the police. The caped crusader only had the Batman symbol attached to the rear plate. However, he was lucky he had both front and back plates with him when questioned by the police. Thus, the batmobile was not towed and Robinson wasn’t charged.

According to one of the officers on the scene:

An officer on routine patrol saw a Lamborghini with the rear plate – it was the Batman symbol for the show. He pulled him over and said, “what’s going on? The car was registered, and the man explained that he goes to hospitals and does work with kids (while in costume).

The police department even posted pictures of the unusual incident on their Facebook page and then tweeted about it.

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The Adventures of Ordinary Batman

In her spare time, Tumblr blogger Sarah Johnson aka Sarahj-art like to doodle Batman as a regular guy doing normal things outside of fighting bad guys, such as, fishing, eating ice cream, swinging on a tyre, riding an antique bicycle and scooping up kitteh’s poop.Continue Reading

Meet Slovak Batman

Zoltan Kohari, a 26 years old, known as the Slovak Batman, lives alone in an abandoned building without water, heat or electricity in the town of Dunajska Streda, 34 miles (55 km) south of Bratislava.

Local residents call Kohari “the hero in a Batman’s costume” even though he hasn’t fought any crimes yet. However, he does believe in justice and wants to help the police.

Kohari recieves food from the locals, in return, he does what he can to make their daily life easier.

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Funding Your Very Own Batmobile

Ever wanted your own Batmobile? Of course you have, many of us Batman enthusiasts have sat in traffic humming the infamous da na na na na na na (I lose track of how many na’s I need – but you get the picture) and hoping our family car could just sprout some ingenious device that would help us soar over the top of said traffic and out the other side. Or perhaps you are the more idealistic kind, who wouldn’t dream of wasting the prowess and proficiency of a Batmobile on idle dreams of beating a traffic jam, maybe you too, envisage fighting the criminal underworld like our caped crusader and need just that sort of vehicle to do it! Continue Reading