Original Batmobile From 1960s Series Sells For $4.6M At Auction!


Back in December we wrote about the original Batmobile from the popular 1960s Batman television series going up for auction, after its creator, legendary car customizer George Barris decided that the time was right to sell up.

Barris decided to sell the iconic vehicle after all these years, because he believed that the time had come to move it out of his showroom to somewhere where it could be enjoyed by people.

The Batmobile was sold at the Barrett Jackson annual auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Saturday. It went for a whopping $4.6million!

Barrett Jackson confirmed that the vehicle was bought by Rick Champagne who owns a logistics company in Tempe, Arizona. In an interview with Speed TV after the sale, Champagne identified himself as the proud new owner and said that the Batmobile would have pride of place in his living room! Continue Reading

Batmorph! Each Batman Actor’s Face Combined To Create Best Ever Bruce Wayne?


Numerous actors have played the infamous Batman and his alter ego – the troubled millionaire Bruce Wayne over the years. Adam West played him in the popular 60s and 70s television series then we had Michael Keaton in the 1989 movie ‘Batman’ and ‘Batman Returns’ in 1992. Next came Val Kilmer in 1995’s ‘Batman Forever’ before George Clooney donned the cape and mask in ‘Batman and Robin’ in 1997. After that came Christian Bale in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy – which are arguably the best and most popular of all the batman portrayals.
For those of you who are still undecided over which actor you preferred playing the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne, redditor morphinapg put together this awesome image of the “perfect” Bruce Wayne using all five of the aforementioned Batman actor’s mug shots.

Of all the actor’s faces used to create this image, it appears as though Bale’s features are the most dominant, as it resembles him more so than any one single other actor that was used to create the picture!

Who was your favorite Batman actor? Leave a comment and let us know!

Batman As A Sex Addict In College Humor Comedy Sketch (NSFW)

This sketch from College Humor envisages Gotham’s mighty hero Batman as something of a sex addict. His epic battles, his death-defying quests to crush super villain after super villain might have ended slightly differently if he actually did suffer from the kind of sexual compulsions that are presented in this short video.

The sketch gives the title “The Dark Knight Rises” a whole new meaning, one that is loaded with inyourendoes obviously. The scene features our beloved Batman being stabbed by Talia as she gets ready to blow Gotham to smithereens – but instead of doing or saying something heroic, Batman is all about the smut!

Superman Batman Combo Cosplay


This is a really cool half Batman, half Superman cosplay costume. If you know who the cosplayer is and where the photo was taken, please let us know by commenting below.

Honest Movie Trailers – Screen Junkies Go For The Dark Knight Rises

Those Honest Movie Trailer makers, the Screen Junkies have gone for The Dark Knight Rises in their latest attempt to provide truthful and sincere alternative trailers to Hollywood’s hyped ones.

The trailer goes gunning for what they believe to be questionable plot choices and some unusual spoken lines in the blockbuster movie and Mike & Jay of Red Letter Media also make a cameo appearance to give us their thoughts too.

I have a little confession to make, I am one of the only Christopher Nolan Batman nerds that still haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises (I know it is deplorable – and there is no excuse, but I had a hell of a lot going on when it was out in the cinemas). So I had this trailer vetted by a friend of mine before writing this article. Apparently it is spoiler-laden, so I am writing this article blind, because much as I enjoy the Screen Junkies’ humorous take on blockbusters, I am not willing to have The Dark Knight Rises plot ruined for me by a 5 minute trailer. Continue Reading

Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum) Cosplay

This is Sophia Lancaster as Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham Asylum. Check out her DeviantArt page for more awesome cosplay pictures.

The Original Batmobile is Going on Sale For The First Time

The older generation of Batman fanatics will be pleased to hear that very soon, they could have the opportunity to purchase the original Batmobile that featured in the 1966 television series that starred Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin).

The Batmobile was made by George Barris using a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car that he bought from the Ford Motor Company for just $1!! It will be sold to the highest bidder at the Barrett-Jackson car auction in Arizona on January 19th and is obviously going to go for a hell of lot more than Barris paid for it all those years ago! Continue Reading

Li’l Gotham – A Lighthearted Look At Batman & The Crime Capital

Li’l Gotham is a new digital first series from artist and author Dustin Nguyen and co-writer Derek Fridolfs and it presents a totally different and rather lighthearted take on Batman’s home town and the criminal masterminds that inhabit it!

Each installment of the series will be released to tie into the major holidays in the U.S calendar, debuting the first one just in time for Halloween. Nguyen and Fridolfs say that aligning their installments with the major holidays enables them to play with the various different themes and frivolities associated with them!

As fans of Batman and the numerous different interpretations of his life and story are only too aware, these representations are often quite dark and depressing. Nguyen and Fridolfs are changing this tradition and lightning things up for the caped crime fighter and his numerous nemesis’s! Continue Reading

Batman Meets the Scream Tattoo

This is The Scream: Gotham Edition tattoo by tattoo artist Brian from Inner Vision in Sarver, PA.

Batman Logo Contact Lenses Sure Are Creepy

The reason we wear T-shirts and carry tote bags that promote our favorite television programs, books, and films is because we want the world to know just how big of a fan we are. It’s our way of sending out a signal that says, “Hey! This is what I like! Let’s talk about it!” Well now you can take that notion one step further with Batman Contact Lenses. Guaranteed to freak out people who pass by you on the street, these contact lenses are sure to get the point across that you really like that Dark Knight guy.

They are currently running at $39 before shipping over at the web-site dbeauty shop. If you’re looking for not only contact lenses that display your love of Batman, but also help you to see the world as, y’know, contacts are supposed to do, then you’re out of luck. While there is an option to choose the power level of your Batman contacts, right now it looks like the only  power offered is zero. So if you’re looking for contact lenses that are “cool” and correct your vision simultaneously, you might need to look in a different Bat Cave.

While it does seem unnecessary to purchase these, there is no denying that Bat logo contact lenses would make for a great effect for any Batman themed Halloween costume.