Batman + LEGO + Cake = Awesome!

Check out this deliciously awesome Batman LEGO Cake that was created by the extremely talented cake artists at Mike’s Amazing Cakes.
Standing 36 inches tall, the Batman caked crusader minifig is a little bigger than your average minifig, but he’s made of deliciously tasty cake so we don’t think anyone will mind!

Now we just need LEGO Gotham City made out of cake so he’s got a place to protect and we can gorge ourselves on the huge edible landscape!

Crocheted Bane Mask For Villains Who Love Wool

Do villains not also deserve to feel the soft touch of wool against their evil faces? Should every item of clothing or accessory they don be rough, pointy, spiky, irritating and uncomfortable? They’ve got rights too don’t they?
So for villains who want the warm comforting feeling of wool on their sinister skin, there is this awesomely accurate crocheted bane mask created by Etsy Store owner StitchFinderGeneral.

It is based on the mask worn by Tom Hardy’s Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and considering it is made of wool and crocheted it is a pretty damn accurate replica. It doesn’t look quite so uncomfortable to wear, nor will it make your voice come quite as weird-sounding and muffled or give you the power to really wig out Batman, but it could be really useful for keeping your face warm in those cold winter months! Continue Reading

Dylan Hayes, 4, Falls Out Of 3rd Story Window In Superman Shirt & Survives Unharmed

Dylan Hayes, 4, is one incredibly lucky young boy after falling from a third storey window, doing 2 somersaults and landing unharmed, on his feet on the gravel below! Perhaps there is more to this though, because little Dylan was wearing a Superman shirt at the time of this dramatic incident, so maybe, just maybe, this little kid has some super special powers!! Well, that’s what we all want to believe anyway!

The incident happened at the family’s apartment complex in Aurora, Colorado, Dylan’s mother Jessica said she was cleaning at the time he fell as is just thankful that he’s alive. Continue Reading

Bradford’s Batman Unmasked – Truth Is Bitterly Disappointing

Those of you who read the story about the person dressed as Batman who dropped a man wanted for questioning into a Bradford police station and said “I’ve caught this one for you” before vanishing into the night and dreamed that perhaps the UK had its very own crime fighting multi-millionaire superhero vigilante, will be bitterly disappointed.

The British media speculated that it might have been a celebrity, with TV illusionist Dynamo top of the list, while others mused that it might have been a local politician doing his bit to clear up the Bradford streets…Continue Reading

Unknown Man In Batman Outfit Drops Suspect Off To British Police Station & Then Disappears!!

A man dressed as the infamous caped crime fighter Batman walked into a British police station in Bradford and handed cops a man wanted for questioning regarding a number of offences.

The incident took place on February 25th at Bradford’s Trafalgar House police station. The guy that Batman dropped off was wanted for questioning on suspicion of handling stolen goods and fraud-related offenses. Continue Reading

Squish Gotham City Villains In This Awesome Batmobile-Inspired Monster Truck

This Batmobile-inspired Monster Truck is pretty damn awesome and looks as though it could squish a serious amount of Gotham City villains into submission! This fanmade creation looks good enough to have been Batman’s carriage in one of his many Hollywood outings. It’s not quite as slick as the creations that Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox has him soaring around in over the course of the Christopher Nolan trilogy, but it’s still pretty damn cool!

I’m not sure if it’s road-legal, but one thing is for sure, you wouldn’t have anyone attempting any road-rage nonsense at ya if you were cruising in this thing!!

California Judge Rules In Favor Of Warner Bros In Lawsuit Against Batmobile Manufacturer


California U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Lew has ruled in favor of Warner Bros in the case that saw them go head to head with Mark Towle who creates Batmobile replica vehicles.

California resident Mark Towle operates Gotham Garage – a workshop that specializes in creating customized vehicles that appeared in movies and television shows, was taken to court by the studio over his Batmobile replicas.

They sued Towle for violation of trademarks and copyrights regarding Batman’s infamous vehicle and set off a heated debate about whether a car should be entitled to copyright protection. Continue Reading

Gotham City Skyline Skirt That Sends Up The Bat Signal


This skirt is from Nerd Alert Creations and features the infamous Gotham City skyline emblazed with the mighty Bat Signal shining brightly above the city. We can only wonder which terrible super villain is wrecking havoc on the streets down below (hopefully not directly under the skirt), but fear not because Batman will soon be there to sort it all out!

All you need is a utility belt and a kevlar cape and you are good to go on a crime-fighting spree! Continue Reading

Awesome Latest Batman/Bane Hybrid Mask Just Perfect For The Split Personality


Are you one of those people who can’t decide whether you want to be the hero or the villain at cosplay events? Sure heroes are all courageous, admiral and save the world a lot. But villains, well, those buggers are smart as hell and their devilish nature commands fear and respect.

If that sounds like a dilemma you face when you are picking a fancy dress or cosplay outfit, then we might just have the answer for you – the Batbane hybrid mask from Etsy seller Tom Howell.
With this full-head, Batman meets Bane mask, you can be both the good guy and the bad guy all at the same time as confusing the hell out of all your mates. Continue Reading

Christian Bale Calls 8-Year-Old Cancer Patient Who Loves Batman


The Dark Knight aka Christian Bale might have a bit of a reputation of being a hard man to work with who can be difficult on set, but even if these reports are true, there is definitely a real soft side to the famed Batman actor.

Last year he went to see the victims of the Aurora movie theater shootings and visited a really sick child who was just desperate to meet the real Batman and he has once again shown us that he can be a supremely nice guy by calling an 8-year-old boy suffering from cancer.

This video clip shows a telephone call he made to cancer patient called Zach who absolutely adores Batman. Continue Reading