Bats Singing The Batman Theme Tune!

Because you’ve always wondered what it would sound like, here is the Batman theme tune as sung by some friendly bats (with a little help from a sampler and a keyboard).

As you probably know, bats produce sounds that our human cloth ears can’t pick up so to make this whole utterly random thing possible, those ultrasounds were digitally reduced to audible frequencies and then assigned keys on a keyboard. Using this keyboard, Ulrich Seidel then played the 1966 Batman theme tune. The interesting footage assigned to our singing bats was put together by Sándor Seuntjens using clips from the 1966 Batman film and the animated television series with National Geographic providing the actual bat footage!

New Batman: Arkham Orgins Trailer Released

A new trailer  for the video game Batman: Arkham Origins was just released this week. Much like the already released trailer, we get a look into what this game will entail; however, unlike the last one, this time we get the chance to see a fair amount of game play going on. The game play is similar to both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, which this game serves as a prequel to, and some gadgets that disappeared after Asylum will be making a return in this one as well.Continue Reading

Facial Hair For Superheroes: The Awesome Batman Mustache!

Check out this particularly awesome Batman Mustache which has been styled to resemble the caped crusader’s iconic symbol!

What makes it even better for me, is the fact that the dude sporting the stylish superhero tash, looks a teeny weeny bit like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Maybe, by wearing this heroic mustache, he’s preparing for that step into Christian Bale’s big boy Batman boots!

Unfortunately we don’t know anything about the identity of the marvelous mustache-wearing dude, but I guess that’s the way it should be what with Batman’s top secret identity and all that!

Usual Suspects: Batman’s Arch Nemesis’ Given 1920s Style Mugshots!

John Doe” (Joker)

Check out this brilliant series entitled “Usual Suspects” by Canadian artist Jason Mark aka Jempix. Jempix has taken Gotham’s most notorious villains and given them a 1920s style mugshot makeover.

The collection features John Doe aka the Joker, who was never actually named in the Batman stories, Harvey Dent aka Two Face, the portly Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin and Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze. We can think of a couple of others that we’d like to see teleported into the 1920s – I for one am curious as to what he’d do to Bane’s mask to make it appear as though it is from that era!
Jempix was inspired to create the “Usual Suspects” from the mugshots of 1920s Australian criminals that has been doing the rounds on the internet of late. Continue Reading

Batman Fanatic Has His Very Own Batcave In The Basement

Check out Chris Weir, 38, a Batman fanatic who has spent over $120,000 on collecting Batman memorabilia and turning his basement into a Batcave!

This dude has an impressive collection, including thousands of comics, a Batman suit from The Dark Knight movies, action figures, posters – the lot. And his awesome Batcave doubles up as a home movie theatre where Chris and his family regularly watch Batman movies and series episodes on an impressive 100inch screen. It’s also got a football table and a functioning bar. Chris said; “I wanted the room to look like something Batman himself would operate in, but it’s all for entertainment purposes.”Continue Reading

Bradford’s Batman Failed At Being A Superhero – Now Caught Trying To Be A Super Villain

Back in March, Britain went a teeny bit giddy because for a little while, we thought we had our very own Batman! A man, dressed in a Batman costume dropped a wanted man into a Bradford police station and then vanished into the dead of the night.

A media frenzy ensued as everyone tried to find out the identity of our caped do-gooder, the bookies were even taking bets as to which celebrity might be lurking behind the mask. Eventually however, when the truth did emerge (a day or so later) it turned out to be bitterly disappointing. Continue Reading

Batman Gets His Own Back On Superman!

Of all the superheroes, Batman’s always been always been amongst the most reluctant to play nicely with the other special beings. His isolationist carry on often means he is left battling evil all on his lonesome, but we have it on good authority that that is just how he likes it.

This photograph suggests that Batman might be feeling a little bit neglected about all the fuss Superman’s getting at the moment, what with the imminent release of the Man of Steel blockbuster. And it’s made him a little bit pissy!! Continue Reading

3-Wheeled Electric Torq Roadster – A “Batmobile” Fit For Crime Fighting Capers?

Check out this incredible new 3-wheeled electric Torq Roadster that was designed by Epic Electric Vehicles. Some say, that it is a mighty enough vehicle to be considered for the honor of a being a Batmobile and could help Batman catch villains hell-bent on terrorizing Gotham!

Though it doesn’t look quite as spectacular as some of Lucius Fox’ creations that Batman careered around in during the Dark Knight trilogy, it does boast some incredibly impressive capabilities. Continue Reading

Vatican Tweets About Batman! Is This Proof That The Dark Knight Is The Church’s Favorite Superhero?

Those of you who are adamant that Batman is the greatest and most revered of all the superheroes the world has to offer can pat yourselves on the back and smile smugly as it seems that the Catholic Church has given him the thumbs up too. On Thursday night one of the Vatican’s primary Twitter accounts tweeted a story about Batman and it also appeared on the Vatican Communications Office website! Continue Reading

Latest Pictures of Aurora Cinema Mass Shooting Suspect James Holmes

These are the latest pictures of James Holmes, the man suspected of being the masked gunman who opened fire at a packed showing of The Dark Knight Rises at an Aurora cinema back in July 2012.

Using multiple firearms and tear gas, the gunman fired indiscriminately into the crowd, killing 12 people and injuring more than 50 others. Continue Reading