Bats Singing The Batman Theme Tune!

Because you’ve always wondered what it would sound like, here is the Batman theme tune as sung by some friendly bats (with a little help from a sampler and a keyboard).

As you probably know, bats produce sounds that our human cloth ears can’t pick up so to make this whole utterly random thing possible, those ultrasounds were digitally reduced to audible frequencies and then assigned keys on a keyboard. Using this keyboard, Ulrich Seidel then played the 1966 Batman theme tune. The interesting footage assigned to our singing bats was put together by Sándor Seuntjens using clips from the 1966 Batman film and the animated television series with National Geographic providing the actual bat footage!

Levitating Computer Mouse: Amazing Future Technology

In a world filled with laptop computers, most of us often forget about the computer mouse. We’ve become accustomed to that little rectangle at the base of our keyboards that often gives us hand cramps when we spend too much time using it. Well, here’s a good reason to call the computer mouse back to your attention: there’s one that’s being designed, and it can hover.Continue Reading