Switcheroo: A Silly Yet Thought Provoking Art Project

Hana Pesut is attempting something interesting. She’s taking pictures of couples of all shapes and sizes, and then making them switch their entire outfits.

The project, Switcheroo, is a quirky, fun set of photographs that Hana Pesut has been taking for close to an entire year now. She travels around, photographs a couple together in a certain location, and then has them switch places and also switch clothing. The project was started with the idea that once couples have been dating for a long period of time, they begin to resemble one another in the way they dress. While this theory might not be entirely true, the results are wonderful nonetheless. Hana’s photographs also evoke questions having to do with gender identity and the social norms in a relationship. Most of the couples she photographs are hetero, so it’s interesting to see the couples once they’ve switched clothes and taken on the identity of the person of the opposite sex.

You can check out more pictures from Switcheroo and photographs from Hana’s other projects at her web-site, and while you’re at it maybe you can donate some money to help get her Switcheroo book project off the ground and ready to sell.

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