Swiss NGO Responds To Lawsuit Threat From Ferrari by “Remaking” Advert!!

According to a report from TechDirt, luxury car manufacturers Ferrari threatened legal action against the Swiss non-profit organization Solidar, after they created an advert that featured an iconic red Ferrari in it. Swiss NGO Solidar is actually a network of NGO’s that are all focused on social justice and the advert in question appears to be mocking the unquenchable greed of rich bankers.

In the original advert seen here, a rich banker type in a Ferrari is featured soaring up to a small village in what looks to be Africa and proceeding to snatch food, cooking utensils and a child’s toy from a mother sat outside her home.

After the threat of legal action from the luxury automobile manufacturer, Solidar “remade” the advert with a small change, so as to negate the lawsuit. Can you spot the highly humorous difference in the two adverts?

Just in case you can’t watch the videos above, here are two screenshots. First from the original video:
And here’s the “new” version. Can you spot the difference?
Honestly you would think a brand as well known and established as Ferrari would know better than to try and threaten a NGO dedicated to increasing social justice around the world. This has got to be a PR win for Solidar and big fat fail to Ferrari, who have just made themselves appear much like the malevolent banker in the advert!

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