Felt Superhero Party Mask Tutorial

With the abundance of superhero movies that will soon be coming out in theaters and released on DVD/Blu-Ray, it seems fair to assume we’ll be seeing a lot of superhero themed parties in the future.

Here’s a nifty tutorial on how to make you and your friends some awesome superhero felt masks.

The blog Cutesy Crafts, maintained by stay at home home mom Jessica, shared this tutorial during mid-July of this year. Her kid wanted a superhero themed birthday party, which makes perfect sense what with The Avengers, Batman, and The Amazing Spider-man all coming out closely around the same time earlier this year. So for the party, Jessica created these superhero masks for the kids to all wear.

The blog says that she just used craft fabric and elastic for the most part.  You can find the mask templates here that you can then print out to help you when cutting out the material. Unfortunately, since these masks were for a kids party, these templates are probably a little small for an adult’s face. Unless you plan on making these masks for your own kids (in which case, you can leave the templates just the way they are), you could easily go into photoshop and enlarge the image, so that when you cut out your fabric it’ll come out as a mask suitable for your face proportions. Or you could always go and mock up some templates for yourself.

The blog entry goes into great detail about sewing the fabric together, adding flourishes, and attaching the elastic. If you follow Jessica’s instructions carefully, you’ll have a felt superhero mask all of your own in no time.

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