Super Duper Scrabble: A Bigger Board For A Mammoth Word Battle


For all of you eloquent articulators who love the game of Scrabble so much that it seems to just be over too quickly, we have a solution – the Super Duper Scrabble!

Super Duper Scrabble is a custom made, super sized version of the popular classic word game. It measures 28 x 28” and has a 31 x 31 grid! That is quadruple the size of a standard grid and means that you can have a mammoth battle of wits and words against your Scrabble loving buddies. Of course, all the extra places will mean you’ll need a bigger sack full of letters, so you also provided with 400 tiles to help you fill up those spaces!! Wow, that’s a lot of letters!

The board also comes with a lazy susan turntable mechanism on the bottom, so it can be spun round to your convenience and it is available to purchase on the Craig Woodworks Etsy store for $300.

It is custom made though, so anyone who wants to get their hands on an unabridged Scrabble board will have to make do with their standard Scrabble for the 2-3 weeks it takes to construct the Super Duper board!


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