Students Wrap Entire Contents Of Housemates Room In Tin Foil!!

Jake Walker
Jake Walker (far right) with his fellow housemates (l-r) Dom Avis, Jon Hyland, Sholto Talbot (green stripey shirt), Josh White, Alex Lambert, Sam Thomas (black T-shirt) and James Beckett

Check out the awesomely aluminium room belonging to Plymouth University Business undergraduate Jake Walker!! Jake doesn’t have a weird OCD that means he has to cover every single item he owns in tin foil, but he does live with a bunch of other students who just love pranks and clearly have a lot of time on their hands!

When Jake, 19, went home to Guildford for the week, he made sure he locked his bedroom door, because he knows full well that his housemates have a penchant for practical jokes. The cocky youngster even sent them a text saying “bad luck” because he thought that they wouldn’t be able to get in there and wreck their own unique brand of havoc.
Little did he know, but they had taken preemptive measures! Assuming that he would lock his door, his housemates sneaked in before he left and popped his window open a little bit. Which meant locked door or no locked door – they were getting into that room!!

Six of Jake’s housemates spent four days wrapping everything from his DVDs to his fruit bowl and bed stead
Jake Walker1
His 6 housemates spent days wrapping the contents of the room in tin foil and used up 520 meters of the stuff. As if that weren’t enough, they also covered his floor in 580 plastic cups (filled with 62 liters of water)!!

When Jake got back, he found everything including his lacrosse sticks, DVDs, computer, furniture, surfboard, the bedstead and even the walls were covered in metallic foil! He said; “I was absolutely gobsmacked. I was in so much shock…It took me hours to take it all the foil down and it was quite a job emptying all the cups. I still haven’t got rid of them all.”

Housemate, Sam Thomas, who is also a business undergraduate said;

“It was great because we had access to his room all week. We had a house meeting and decided that we wanted to wrap everything in the room with something. We went for tin foil because it was easy to wrap and looks really impressive.”

The joint effort took them 4 days to complete and when he finally arrived home they hid to see his reaction. Sam said; “As soon as he opened the door, he saw the walls and said “’oh my God!’ We were a bit annoyed he wasn’t more annoyed. He was actually very impressed.”

520 metres of tin foil, and yards of Cellotape were used
jake walker2
Ah, I love the fact that the boys had a “house meeting” to discuss what type of practical joke they were going to play on Jake. It reminds me of the sort of productive stuff that would get discussed in the “house meetings” we had when I was a student. This story has made me really nostalgic for my uni days. Well played boys!

Source: Daily Mail

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