High School Student Teaches His Teacher After Being Booted Out Of Class

Normally it’s the teachers giving high school students lectures about the importance of an education, but in this video, the tables turn and the teacher gets told a few home truths by a student that she boots out of her class.

Jeff Bliss, a student from Duncanville, Texas, is agitated and annoyed with repeatedly being handed unimaginative worksheets to fill out instead of actually being taught by the teacher Mrs. Phung.

So he launches into a powerful lecture about how he deserves more effort from her because education is his future and the nation’s future. Jeff makes some remarkable astute points and has won himself a lot of fans. It’s tragic that he feels as though he has been so badly let down by person supposed to be educating him and that he gets thrown out of the world history class for expressing his opinion is ridiculous!

He wasn’t being cheeky, or swearing or saying the sort of stuff that normally gets kids kicked out of their classrooms, he was expressing a valid opinion and I think he deserved a much better reaction from the teacher who clearly does not give a shit. She did not even attempt to respond to any of his statements, or refute them, she just kept telling him to get out of the class. Her lethargic reaction to his speech simply reaffirms what he is saying about her.

The video has since gone viral, amassing over 1,730,000 views and over 7000 comments in less than a week. One commenter claiming to be a classmate said that he was “giving out free high fives after school” and the majority of comments commend him for his actions.
Maybe now that this video has gotten a lot of attention, someone will actually take heed of Jeff’s complaint and deal with Mrs. Phung’s apathetic teaching methods so that he gets the kind of education he deserves!

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