Steve Jobs Wanted To Give Willy Wonka-style Tour Of Apple

Willy Wonka
According to one of the recent Steve Jobs biographies, Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success, the Apple founder wanted to give do a Willy Wonka inspired tour of Apple to the purchaser of the 1,000,000th iMac. He not only planned on including a golden ticket, but was so serious about the idea he even had his creative team design a prototype.

Not only was the contest inspired and designed around the classic book and movie, but here’s the kicker…

Steve Jobs wanted to dress in full Willy Wonka fashion, with purple tails and top hat, to meet the lucky winner in person!

Unfortunately California state laws prohibit any contests that require a purchase in order to be eligible, and as this would have hinged solely on the lucky buyer of a particular unit, there was no way around it to make it legal. Also, Apple’s marketing department wasn’t keen on the idea either apparently.

It is a shame though. Apple headquarters is the modern day equivalent of a chocolate factory to many techies, and Steve Jobs embodies everything to them that Willy Wonka did to small children who loved chocolate.

And for the poor soul who did eventually buy that 1,000,000th iMac unknowingly, no golden ticket in hand, well… we weep with you dear friend. We weep with you.

(Via Yahoo News)

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