Steve Jobs Signed Computer Chips On Apple Headed Paper!

Letters of Note recently published a letter sent by the late great Steve Jobs to a fan of his company. Jobs signed a computer chip and attached it to a sheet of Apple headed paper and sent it out with a warm message thanking them for supporting the company.

According to the people who knew him, signing computer chips and sending out letters of this nature was something that Steve Jobs was quite fond of doing back in the fledging days of Apple!

In the letter Jobs writes; “Thanks for letting us know of your support…Keep the faith!” Awwww we love you Steve!
See, emails are great and we can’t imagine life without them, but you can’t send a signed computer chip with one and there will always be something rather magical about receiving a posted letter from one of your idols!

Letters of Note wondered how many letters like this one from Jobs hang framed in various locations around the world and I’m with them on that one, I wonder how many of these letters are out there –cherished by the people who received them!!

We’d also love to know if any of our readers have received a signed computer chip letter from Jobs, so leave a comment and let us know if you are one of the lucky ones!

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    Steve jobs did a great job towards apply i personally appreciate the his work he is a great leader i like his way of working ……