Steve Jobs Fanboy Commemorates His Birthday By Launching YouTube Video Collection

On 24th February 2013, entrepreneurial genius and Apple maestro Steve Jobs would have turned 58. To commemorate his birthday, one dedicated fanboy decided to launch the new YouTube channel ‘Every Steve Jobs Video’ – which as the name suggests, features Jobs’ many video appearances.

The Channel creator claims that his collection is the largest archive of Steve Jobs videos that the internet has to offer and features the videos in chronological order. The first video features Jobs, who later became the king of the keynote, admitting his nerves as he appeared as a panel moderator on the quirky “Macintosh Software Dating Game” back in 1983. It also chronicles his many famous speeches at significant Apple events for iconic devices like the iPod, iPad and iPhone.

The fanboy who created the ultimate YouTube collection told MacRumors; “I’m a long time Apple enthusiast and throughout the years have gathered every single Steve Jobs video I could find…To commemorate Steve Jobs birthday (Feb. 24th) I decided to put all these videos online and make them easily available for all.”

Fans of Steve Jobs will of course want to watch them all, but for those of you who don’t have time, here is a brilliant 9-minute mashup of his many notable appearances. His look and physical features change over the years but his charisma, inspirational presence and unfaltering belief in his products are present throughout!

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